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Post Installation Configuration Checklist

See also controlling OyezForms via the registry.

Once OyezForms is installed and licensed, you may wish to work through the following checklist:

Who will be responsible for Active Library?

You can schedule Active Library under Windows Scheduler, but we recommend at least two users are configured to manually sychronise your library. This will serve to keep the knowledge of this function 'alive' among users.

Who do I want to receive editorial EFIS emails?

You will have given a primary email address to Oyez that will always receive editorial 'EFIS' emails. Additionally, you can login to this site using your account number and password (previously emailed) to create any number of additional recipients.

Configure auto-filling of your practice details on forms

ADMIN>PRACTICE DETAILS allows multiple site/department details be configured to prefill forms. See further details.

What is my Pinboard (built-in phrase library) strategy?

By default, every user's pinboard is in their My Documents path. If you wish to share the pinboard between users, you can set this path to a shared location via ADMIN>OPTIONS>GENERAL: Path to User Files. This path can be rolled out as a registry setting.

Am I using Oyez's Word Templates?

See OyezForms Word templates. You can find information on creating a mirror folder containing all AL delivered templates in a user-accessible location, and also controlling how OyezForms triggers Word templates from the FILE>NEW menu.

Where will users store forms?

You can set your users' default FILE>OPEN and FILE>SAVE path in ADMIN>OPTIONS>GENERAL. This path can be rolled out as a registry setting.

Do I want to use the OyezForms PDF engine?

If you have your own PDF printer, and do not wish to produce PDFs under external automation, you will probably be happy to continue using that. If you wish to create PDFs under automation, or fine-tune how OyezForms produces PDFs, you can install the OyezForms PDF engine.

Do I want to password protect the Admin menu?

A single password will limit access to the ADMIN menu and tabs under ADMIN>OPTIONS

Do I want to auto-stamp the file path on saved forms?

ADMIN>OPTIONS>AUTO TEXT allows you to configure OyezForms to stamp the path to a saved form on the footer of each page. If you are linking to a document management system via ODMA, this can be the document ID allocated by the system. This function can be rolled out as a registry setting.

Do I wish to integrate OyezForms with a DMS environment?

See Integrating with document management systems.

Do I want Windows Search to retrieve forms by inputted text context?

See iFilters