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Individual paper/PDF forms and OyezForms Mini-Pack Licences can no longer be purchased via the Oyez Store or the support team (tel above). For alternative forms software options, please click here. OyezForms software customers are unaffected.

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The OyezForms Admin Menu

General program administration tasks can be performed via the ADMIN menu. The menu is available when no forms are open.

The most commonly used item in the menu is ADMIN>SYNCHRONISE LIBRARY NOW to update the forms library via Active Library.

Menu contents

Option Function
ADMIN>UPDATE LICENSE Presents the license dialogue for licensing OyezForms
ADMIN>IMPORT LOCAL FORMS Import form templates manually from a folder location. This feature is is largely replaced by Active Library, but may be used to import forms that are specially created for a customer by Oyez.
ADMIN>PRACTICE DETAILS Define your Practice Details
ADMIN>DATABASE MAINTENANCE Maintain OyezForms' local authority databases, including setting 'short' lists of frequently contacted authorities
ADMIN>MANUAL MAINTENANCE Deprecated. Superceded by Active Library. Only included for customers who wish to manage their forms library manually.
ADMIN>REGISTRY MAINTENANCE Recreates all program registry settings with default values. This is useful in the event of registry corruption.
ADMIN>CHANGE ADMIN PASSWORD Password-protect the ADMIN menu. Contact Oyez support if you forget your password.
ADMIN>SYNCHRONISE NOW Automatically synchronise the forms library with Oyez's master database via Active Library.