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Configuring Active Library

The Active Library Dialogue

Active Library is OyezForms' built-in form library management module. It ensures your subscription is kept up-to-date with our editorial service. OyezForms will connect with our webservice and download new and amended templates. Obselete templates will be hidden.


With a shared library path, one user can update the library for all.

To configure a User to Administer Active Library

In OyezForms V12.01J+ configuration details are stored in the ActivLib.cfg file in the library folder. This can be edited using a text editor. Prior to V12.01J, configuration is stored in the registry of the user's PC; you will also need to tick ADMIN>OPTIONS>IMPORT> 'Allow forms to be directly downloaded from Oyez' to configure.

  1. In ADMIN>OPTIONS>ACTIVE LIBRARY, input account ID and password (emailed, available from the support desk).
  2. Select update frequency (we recommend every 7 days), and whether OyezForms auto-downloads or asks permission first.
  3. Click OK.
  4. The option ADMIN>SYNCHRONISE LIBRARY NOW will now be available in OyezForms.

Who should update the library?

On first configuration, you will be asked: "Are updates to OyezForms only to be performed by designated users?"

  • Yes - only Designated Users can sync the library (see below).
  • No - any user can sync the library.

This choice corresponds to DesignatedUsersOnly=1 or 0 in the ActivLib.cfg file. It can be subsequently be directly edited there.

Setting designated users

Users with the ADMIN>OPTIONS>ACTIVE LIBRARY: 'Designated User' check-box ticked are designated users.

This corresponds to registry string value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\Import:AutoFormUpdateEnabled = 1

Scheduling Active Library

You can trigger Active library as a scheduled task on a PC that has Active Library configured by creating a new task browsing to the Oyezfrms.exe file and adding the /updateonly switch to the command path. At the scheduled time, the software will launch unattended, perform a library synchronisation, and close.

Advanced users can trigger scripts upon synchronisation completion using the ActiveLibraryComplete event: see application-level macros. One reason could be to generate a warning email on failure.


If Active Library is enabled and your library has not been synchronised for 4 weeks, OyezForms will display a warning to all users on launch.

Oyez's webservice will also send reminder emails to your account's principle email address if you have failed to synchronise after forms relevant to you have been released. You should ensure emails originating from are whitelisted in your SPAM filters.


The Active Library service is targetted at a sub-domain of the domain. Firewall administrators may wish to add * and * to their whitelists.