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The OyezForms NovaPDF Engine

OyezForms ships with the NovaPDF engine.

Users can produce high-quality, flattened PDF copies of forms. Additionally, this allows external programs to instruct OyezForms to produce PDFs.

History of Nova implementation

OyezForms version

Nova installation files supplied

OyezForms Nova version compatibility


Nova 8

7 or 8


Nova 7

5 or 7


Nova 5

5 only

Nova versions and features

Nova version

msi for roll-out?

PDF/a option?

Registered in Programs & features

Printer Driver (note spaces)




OyezForms (Softland)
NovaPDF 8 Printer Driver

Oyez Legal Forms PDF



OyezLegalForms PDF (NovaPDF 7.7 )

OyezLegalForms PDF


OyezLegalForms PDF (NovaPDF 5 )

OyezForms PDF

Nova 8 installation files

The following msi installation files are supplied with OyezForms 12.00G+ in the application folder.

Install order

64-bit installation

32-bit installation










Manual installation of Nova8

Within OyezForms, select ADMIN>OPTIONS>EXPORT, and click on the "Install the OyezForms Printer" button. OyezForms will run the install files in sequence. You may be prompted to elevate privileges where necessary.

NB: If the 'Install the OyezForms Printer" button is not enabled, you will already have Nova7 installed. Nova7 is compatible with OyezForms 12.00G+.

Rolling-out Nova 8

When rolling out via Active Directory etc, you must install the msi files in the sequence outlined above. Failure to do so will result in non-functionality.

Successful installation will result in the ADMIN>OPTION>EXPORT "Install the OyezForms Printer" button being disabled.

Registry settings

Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\Export
String value: AltPrinterEnabled Determines which printer is used to 'Export to PDF'.
0 disables, 1 uses NovaPDF, 2 uses an alternative.
Also controlled via ADMIN>OPTIONS>EXPORT: 'Export to PDF'
String value: AltPrinterName Lists the name of the printer selected under 'Export to PDF'.
The default for version 12 of OyezForms is 'Oyez Legal Forms PDF'.
Also controlled via ADMIN>OPTIONS>EXPORT: 'Export to PDF'
String value: EnableNovaProfiles Determines whether user is presented with option to select from available Nova Printer profiles when manually exporting to PDF.
0 disables, 1 enables.
Also controlled via ADMIN>OPTIONS>EXPORT: 'enable profile select dialogue'

Nova 7 and 5


Earlier versions of nova are not supplied as msi files and cannot be rolled-out via Active Directory.

Installation of the NovaPDF engine is by novapk.exe (in application folder), and is triggered during:

  • Standalone setup.exe installs
  • Manual user attachments to networked copies of OyezForms (i.e. when <app folder>\setup\setup.exe is run)
  • When a user clicks 'Install OyezForms PDF printer' under ADMIN>OPTIONS>EXPORT

The install is a separate process and will produce a separate UAC challenge.

Installation of the NovaPDF engine is not triggered during:

Options on large networks

If you are rolling out OyezForms to large numbers of locked-down users you may wish to consider Sharing the NovaPDF printer driver over a network (v10.00e+)

Windows Server Administrators familiar with print management can roll-out connections to a shared novaPDF driver:

  1. Find novapk.exe in the OyezForms application folder. This is the nova printer driver installer
  2. During install to Edit Printer Name, Custom Printer name must be named 'OyezLegalForms PDF' (case-specific, include space, do not include quotes). OyezForms will link to this printer name only.
  3. The Application Name must be OyezForms and Company Name must be OyezStraker Group
  4. Use the <app folder>\setup\rollout.msi file to roll-out user attachments. This does not trigger a local install of the novaPDF engine.
  5. Roll-out the following registry keys to attached users. This is not the same as selecting ADMIN>OPTIONS>EXPORT 'Use the following PDF printer', which will result in NovaPDF operating in unlicensed mode.
Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\Export
String value: DefaultNovaPrinterName \\<server name>\OyezLegalForms PDF  (case-specific, include space)
this is the uniform naming convention path of the shared NovaPDF printer driver
String value: AltPrinterEnabled Must be set to 1

If the roll-out succeeds, the above path to the printer driver will be visible under ADMIN>OPTIONS>EXPORT 'Use the default OyezLegalForms PDF driver ...' section.

  • When using the networked printer via COM automation of OyezForms, remember that the NovaPDF print service must have access rights to the path the pdf file will be created in.