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The OyezForms Library

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OyezForms manages an up-to-date library of legal forms via its Active Library technology. The complete, current, library of forms is displayed in the FILE>NEW dialogue. Selecting a form opens it in an 'unfilled' state, ready for completion and printing/saving.

OyezForms supports versioning of form templates. This allows 'overlapped' use of form revisions during periods of change. The library displays only the most recent revision by default. Oyez's editorial department release new forms/revisions to the OyezForms software via a webservice. When run, Active Library will connect with the Oyez webservice and download a list of new templates. The library behaviour is as follows:

  • The day a form becomes obselete, OyezForms will hide it from the FILE>NEW dialogue. The template will still be stored.
  • The day a new form becomes 'live', OyezForms will display it in the FILE>NEW dialogue.
  • In the run-up to a newer version of a form becoming live, the FILE>NEW dialogue will ask a user which version of the form they want to use

Form revisions that are not live can still be accessed by selecting the 'show all revisions' option button.

Electronic Forms Information Service (EFIS) emails

Oyez send subscribers timely emailed information about changes within their range of forms.

As a subscriber to OyezForms, you can register any number of mailboxes to receive editorial updates by email. You can self-manage these by logging into your account area on this site using your account number and password. You are responsible for keeping the email list up-to-date. Oyez will only contact you in the event of your principle account email 'bouncing' emails. (your principle account email can only be changed by calling Oyez's helpline).

Accessing editorial information within OyezForms

Each form entry in the FILE>NEW dialogue will have an information icon. Clicking on this will open a webpage showing the editorial history of the form.


If Active Library is enabled and your library has not been synchronised for 4 weeks, OyezForms will display a warning to all users on launch.

Oyez's webservice will also send reminder emails to your account's primary email address if you have failed to synchronise after forms relevant to you have been released. You should ensure emails originating from are whitelisted in your SPAM filters.

If you attempt to open an older saved form and OyezForms cannot find the correct template version that was used to create it, you will be warned, and OyezForms will download that template when Active Library is next synchronised.

Oyez's template archive

If you open a saved form and you no longer have the associated template file, OyezForms will make a request for the relevant template revision during the next Active Library synchronisation.