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Getting Started with OyezForms


OyezForms provides a managed library of legal forms with fill-in fields overlaid for efficient completion and storage.

FILE>NEW presents the library, ordered by legal categories, from which you can select a form to fill. You can search the library, and obtain editorial information via any item's 'i' icon.

You can open multiple forms. The 'New Task' toolbar icon displays a side panel of recently used templates.

Within a form, the Tab key moves the user between fill-in fields (outlined in blue), while F5 inserts a tab into a field. You can tick check-boxes by right-clicking and selecting from the context menu. See other shortcut keystrokes.

You can print, and create a PDF of any form via FILE>SAVE AS>EXPORT TO PDF.

Initial settings

  • The default Open/Save folder is set in ADMIN>OPTIONS>GENERAL: 'Path to completed forms
  • The default font for filling forms can be set in ADMIN>OPTIONS>STYLES: 'Default font'
  • The ToolBar controls allow MSWord-style text formatting. VIEW>RULER allows tab positioning

Key features

Expanding fields

Certain forms contain fields that expand vertically as you enter text. The form will paginate to accommodate the extra text. Forms that support expanding fields have the suffix _Flexi after their title. Expandable fields are outlined in cyan.

Self-calculating forms

Many forms require numerical values to be totaled or otherwise manipulated. OyezForms does this for you automatically as you progress through the form. If you wish to disable auto-calculations, select VIEW>MACRO>STOP. This will disable the feature for the current form. The ADMIN>OPTIONS>MACRO dialogue offers more control.

Auto-filling your practice details

Your company details will automatically prefill into the relevant fields on all forms. See Defining Practice Details for more information

Receiving authorities database

Address information for Local Authorities, Probate Registries, Water Authorities etc, are stored within the databases. OyezForms no longer manage these. Any field that can have this information auto-filled is outlined in green. Right-click and select PICK FROM LIST to select the relevant authority.

Storing phrases in the pinboard

If you repeatedly use certain clauses or paragraphs across forms, you can store them in the pinboard feature.

Highlight the text you wish to store and Select EDIT>ADD TO PINBOARD, then INSERT>PICK FROM PINBOARD to select and paste it into a field.

You can remove stored text from the pinboard.

Duplicating pages and adding fill-in fields

With standard 'rigid' forms, you can duplicate existing pages, or add a new blank page as a continuation method.

See customising a form for more details.

Spell checking

You can invoke spell checking via HOME>SPELLING.

The checking engine allows for exceptions to be added to its lexicon. You can set the spell-checker to operate in real-time mode via the ADMIN>OPTIONS>STYLES: 'Active spell checking' checkbox.


You can apply watermarks on a form-by-form basis. INSERT>WATERMARKS


You can recover documents using the auto-backup feature.

N.B. OyezForms is a Windows application and a supported version of Windows is required (MacOS and other operating systems are not supported)

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