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SDLT_eSub - Stamp Duty Land Tax - Electronic Submission

Last EFIS release: 14/2019 (February 2019)

Form status: New/Amended

Update to HMRC SDLT electronic submission service - due 1/3/2019.

From 1st March 2019, HMRC have new submission data requirements for their SDLT e-submissions. You will need to update your OyezForms eSDLT submission engine, (app folder)\esub\esub.dll, and also use the new version of the SDLT_eSub form.

What you need to do:

1) Update the (app folder)\esub\esub.dll. It needs registering on each PC. You can use the msi below, or the zipped dll. This can be done at any time as it is compatible with both form template versions.

2) Instruct users to ensure all submissions created against the currently live form template (version 5-2-18) are completed before 28th Feb.

3) Synchronise your library now to receive the new SDLT_eSub form template (version 1-3-19).
This should be used for submitting on or after 1st March 19.


* Target the application folder with this install.

Details of changes on 1/3/2019

1) SDLT3 (additional land)(pg.9) - Q7 Mineral Rights becomes a Yes/No input. Descriptive codes removed.

2) SDLT4 (transaction details)(pg.10) - Q3 reworded. Submitted data is the same.

3) SDLT4 (transaction details)(pg.10) - Q5 reworded. Submitted data is the same.

4) SDLT4 (transaction details)(pg.10) - Q6 Mineral Rights becomes a Yes/No input. Descriptive codes removed.

5) SDLT4 (additional lease)(pg.11) - Q26 - Q37 are removed.

Support is available on 08450 17 55 17.

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