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EFIS 50, October 2008 : Electronic SDLT Submission

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Important Notice:

We strongly recommend practitioners upgrade to OyezForms V9.01R for use in conjunction with this form. Click here for program upgrade information.

Various amendments have been made to this form to strengthen pre-submission validation. We recommend using this latest version immediately.

In addition, we recommend updating your OyezForms software to take advantages of new features in the e-submission engine itself. These include the new facility to create a centralised ‘.ini file’ to enable all users on a network to share the same STORN, username, password, and proxy connection details.

As you will be aware, 2-D barcoded returns can no longer be submitted after 1st November, 2008. HMRC have informed us of a small set of exceptions where direct electronic submission of data cannot be made:

Returns that cannot be filed electronically (the following text is from HMRC)

Returns should be made in the prescribed form. That means filing online, using an HMRC-supplied form or (before 1 November 2008) using software to produce a ‘bar-coded’ paper return that is printed out and posted to HMRC.

Certain types of SDLT return can’t be filed online:

  • transactions with more than 103 purchasers and vendors (of any combination)

  • where completion follows substantial performance of the contract (codes F & A only)

  • leases and assignments that commence before 1 January 1500

  • transactions where non-residential Disadvantaged Area Relief is being claimed and the contract has been entered into before 16 March 2005, but is not performed until after that date.

  • Following the decommissioning of the 2D bar-code, strictly, details of these transactions should be reported using HMRC-supplied paper returns. But given the very small numbers of returns in these categories, we will accept software-produced hard copy returns – but only in the cases listed: returns for other transactions submitted in this way will be returned.

    If you submit a software-produced hard copy return, please mark ‘E Filing Exception Return’ on the top of the front page and post it to:
    Birmingham Stamp Office
    9th Floor
    City Centre House
    30 Union Street
    Birmingham B2 4AR

    The envelope must also be marked ‘E Filing Exception Return’

    As any software-produced hard copy returns for transactions not listed above will be returned, you must resubmit them in the correct manner (online or by paper to Netherton) by the filing date – otherwise you will risk receiving a penalty.

    Returns for the following transactions should still be made by letter, to Birmingham Stamp Office:

    o Returns under Section:

  • 80 - This is a second notification, relating to contingency cases or when consideration is ascertained

  • 81 - Notification of a relief being withdrawn as a ‘disqualifying event’

  • 81A - A later linked transaction being notified

  • 17A Para 3&4 - The term of a lease is ascertained 17A Para 8 - Where unknown rent has been ascertained

  • Forms affected

    SDLT_eSub Stamp Duty Land Tax - Electronic Submission New/Amended

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