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LLAD04 - Change of location of the records to the registered office of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Last EFIS release: 73/2016 (June 2016)

Form status: New/Amended

Companies House (CH) has amended the existing limited liability partnership (LLP) forms LLAD03, LLAD04, and LLIN01 in accordance with the Limited Liability Partnerships (Register of People with Significant Control) Regulations 2016 to reflect changes which the Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 introduced on 30th June.

In addition, CH has also created several new forms to be used in accordance with the 2015 Act and 2016 Regulations.

LLCS01 is a new form to be used to confirm that the information regarding a LLP is up to date.

The new LLCS01 (Part 1) form must be filed at the same time as LLCS01 and provides CH with additional information or changes to the LLP's information. We have as a result produced a new form LLCS01_Combined, which comprises of the Confirmation Statement plus Part 1 in an easy to navigate format.

In particular, LLCS01 (Part 1) should only be used to notify CH if it is the first time information has been filed at CH of people with significant control (PSC) of a LLP which includes individuals, relevant legal entities (RLE) and other registrable persons (ORP) or of any changes to the LLP's officers, LLP's registered office address or LLP's single alternative inspection address (SAIL).

Oyez recommends that customers obtain more detailed guidance on the use of these new forms by checking CH's website at:

These new and amended forms can be used immediately.

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