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Law Society -COLP & COFA Range

Title Description EFIS
COFA1 SRA guidances - Accounting procedures and systems checklist 78/2012
COFA2 Matter File Review template 78/2012
COFA3 Proforma template for the recording of material breaches internally 78/2012
COFA4 Proforma template for the recording of non-material breaches internally 78/2012
COFA5 Examples of key general controls expected to be in place in law firms 78/2012
COLP1 Risk Register 78/2012
COLP2 Compliance gap analysis 78/2012
COLP3 Monthly compliance monitoring form 78/2012
COLP4 Record of meetings with complaints partner 78/2012
COLP5 Internal breach report form 78/2012
COLP6 Breach register 78/2012
COLP7 Breach review form 78/2012
COLP8 Record of reports submitted to SRA 78/2012


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