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Last EFIS release: 54/2008 (October 2008)

Form status: Deleted

The Land Registration (Amendment) Rules 2008 substitutes a new Schedule 1 to the Land Registration Rules 2003 which prescribed some of the forms listed below for use on or after 10th November

These 2008 Rules prescribe five new forms. LRSEV is the new form to enter a restriction in Form A when a joint tenancy is ended either by mutual agreement or service of a notice. LRST1-LRST4 are four new Statement of Truth forms which replace statutory declarations where evidence is required in support of certain types of application.

Rule 5 of the 2008 Rules allows the current editions of the official forms to be submitted to the Land Registry until 9th February 2009. However, these transitional arrangements do not apply to the revised editions of LRAP1, LRDS2 or LRFR1. Only the amended versions of these three forms should be used on or after 10th November.

Conveyancing practitioners are advised that the Land Registry will not process the new and amended forms before 10th November.

Existing forms LRTP3 and LRTR3 have become obsolete as their functions have been merged into the amended versions of LRTR5 and LRTR4, respectively. These forms need to be deleted form your system(s).

Finally, we understand that the Land Registry is also planning to update LRID1, LRID2 and LRID3 before 15th November which we will forward when these prospective amendments have been finalised by the Land Registry.

Decommissioning of 2-D barcoded forms

2-D barcoded returns can no longer be submitted after 1st November, 2008. The standard method of SDLT data submission after this date will be electronic. HMRC have informed us of a small set of exceptions where direct electronic submission of data cannot be made.
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If you are not using Active Library, you will need to manually delete some forms. For deletion instructions, click here

All EFIS releases

EFIS 54 - 2008 October 2008  Deleted
EFIS 4 - 2006 January 2006  New/Amended
EFIS 59 - 2005 October 2005  New/Amended
EFIS 45 - 2005 August 2005  New/Amended
EFIS 13 - 2005 March 2005  New/Amended
EFIS 46 - 2003 November 2003  New/Amended