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OyezForms Program History


Feature introduced

Network client

Fixes intermittent crash on clicking 'Save As' from the toolbar.
Supports "silent running" when running in automation mode.
Introduces a fix for an issue where some users would be unable to insert a tick into a tick box. Admin>Options>Advanced tab> 'Force Symbol character set for symbol fonts'.  
Not Released.  
Clause Library message added when deleting a single clause similar to "Delete All" message.  esub.dll (feb_19) re-instated  
Admin>Options>Print Initial Printer 'unspecified' now available if Oyezforms is unable communicate with Windows default driver.  
Enhancement to V12.01V.  Admin>Options>Options tab> 'Signal busy to OLE calls whilst form macros are running' added.  
Not Released.  New Oyezfrms.tlb.  
Fix mastlibr.ldb error and slowlness when initialising the mastlibr.mdb check on launch.  
Two new automation commands:
SuspendFormMacros( 0 or 1 ) - suspends form-level macros for 30 seconds; used before a form is opened in batch runs.
long RunFormMacro( 0 or 1 ) disables form-level macros for an already opened form. return value is initial macro state.
Oyezforms Active Library is now able to update over HTTPS/SSL connections.  
Enable Diagnotsic logging option available under Options tab.  Also file association registry amendment during install ( /dde replaced with "%1")  
Enhanced logic has been added to prevent mastlibr.mdb error on launch.  
Sax Basic macro files ssce4332 and ww*.dll's now install to Oyez App folder.  Admin>Options>Import Tab removed.  
Sax Basic macro files ssce4332 and ww*.dll's now install to Oyez App folder.  Admin>Options>Import Tab removed.  
V12 Ifilters are now registered during installation and can now handle file format changes that have occured since the original V10 filters.  The Install wizard allows users to select a 'Library' folder as well as a Path to User Files and Path to Stored Completed Forms.  
Option in the Exports tab to allow OF to use the Outlook API instead of the MAPI.  
New diagnostic logging for ODMA under Options tab. Also, addiditonal options available under AutoText for the F9999 saved file location field. Licensing issue fixed (Oyezforms V 12.01J). Fix for macro code loading on opening .olf/.olfx.       
Not Released.  
Not Released.  
Active Library connection data is now stored in a .cfg file to enable either Designated Users or all users the ability to synchronise the Oyez Library if the library is stored centrally on a network share.        
Not Released.  
New Form Notes option now available.  Application macros forced to disabled when using windows task scheduler to perform an active library synchronise task (/updateonly).  
Not Released.  
A change to the " iManage 8.5, sp3, Update 6" DMS compliance item, to allow users to cancel out of the imanage 'save-as options' dialogue.  CPU usage now reduced when Oyezforms is idle. Tweak to MAPI where using Send to attach PDF/OLF files to a new mail message.  Fix triggering .DOTM/DOTX templates through the Oyezforms library.  
Not Released.  
Not Released.  
12.01C (23/05/2018) Fix pagination issues when printing expandable forms.  
12.01B (22/05/2018) Admin>Options>Import now has Update Website URL paths to help  with Active Library sync issues.  
12.01A (21/05/2018) Not Released  
12.00Z (30/04/2018) Registry Maintenance offers option to backup Oyezforms registry contents.  Oyezform.lic will no longer be stored in the Windows folder if "full site" option is selected.  
12.00Y (19/04/2018) The Options dialogue can now be disabled by adding a new string value called “DialogueEnabled” under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\Options key and setting its value to “0”.  
12.00X (17/04/2018) Ctrl+Q Options>Database - Path to Library has a 'Change' option to migrate the forms library from its default location to Documents\My Oyez Documents\Library\.  This is to fix a Windows Update patch where permssions are then lost to the ..Appdata\Local\VirtualStore folder. 'URLDownloadToFile' for Active Library. This version fixes issues when synchronising using mobile phone tethering.   
12.00W (16/04/2018) Not Released  
12.00V (23/03/2018) Tools>Options>Active Library - 'Do not send library data' check box added.  This will result in an entire library downloaded on each  update.  
12.00U (14/03/2018) Bug fixed where printing and exporting flexible forms caused issues during pagination where blocks of text disappeared on the print out.  
12.00T (09/03/2018) The CFG files will now be located in the same folder as the app macro file, if one is defined, else the program folder will be used as at present. OF will look first in the App macro folder then in the program folder. If the file exists in the program folder only, it will be copied to the app macro folder. The original file in the program folder will remain in case the file is shared and the new folder is not. By default an oyezfrms.cfg will be created in the app macro folder or the program folder if the former is not defined.  
12.00S (27/02/2018) Additonal logging added to the active library including the zip URL.  A downloaded ZIP is now stored in a subfolder "\ActiveLibraryUpdates" of the user folder.  The ZIP will persist in this folder until the next AL update occurs.  Also the eSub.dll (20180107) has been updated.  
12.00R (26/02/2018) Not Released  
12.00P (29/01/2018) Fix to prevent Oyezforms crashing on exit caused by Office 2007 application look.  Further enhancements to the way macros are closed when a form is closed.  
12.00M (18/01/2018) Fix to the macro engine.  Winwrap error appeared when forms containing a large macro was closed while the macro hadn't finished calcuating.  Oyezforms now downloads the auxgraph.gfx instead of the compressed auxgraph.gf_ when synchronising.  
12.00L (17/01/2018) Not Released  
12.00K (5/01/2018) Updated esub.dll file for eSDLT submissions  
12.00J (5/12/2017) Application level macro command added: triggerODMASaveAs  
12.00H (27/11/2017) Bug fixed when printing expandable forms using the Quick Print button on Quick Access Toolbar.  Export to PDF is visable when disabled.  Application Look when Ribbon Style is enabled. 
For AppLookLocked,
A value of '0' will enable the user to change the view mode in OPTIONS>GENERAL. A value of '1' will disable user choice of ribbon style and colour scheme.  A value of '2' will disable user choice of ribbon style but not the colour scheme.  A value of '3' will disable user choice of the colour scheme but not ribbon style.
12.00G (22/11/2017) NovaPDF 8 for exporting saved Oyezforms as a PDF is windows 10 compliant.  32bit and 64 bit .msi files copied to the Oyez application folder.  Local Spellcheck files now copy to 'Path to User Files' \SpellCheckerFiles folder.  Registy key for 'Require all forms to be closed before program can exit' to be disabled by default. Rollout_v7.msi: Central Spellcheck registry paths added.
12.00F (14/11/2017) Not Released - Application level macro commands added: triggerODMAopen and triggerODMAsave  
12.00E (13/11/2017) Not Released  
12.00D (02/10/2017) Tools>Options>Options Minimise mousewheel sensitivity.  This will help when using the mouse wheel to scroll through large expanded fields.  
12.00C (26/9/2017) Fix  for error opening word forms through workflow. Active Library registry can be Exported to multiple Users.  
12.00B (18/9/2017) Fix for Windows 10 crash.  Issue with Oyezform.cfg  
12.00A (13/9/2017) OyezForms version 12 introduces A Ribbon Bar User Interface. (The option of using OyezForms in Classic Mode remains. You can enforce which interface is available via the registry).  
11.02H (20/6/2017) Fix for crash when amending and closing a saved flexiform containing a form macro using File>Close, Yes to save. Rollout_v6.msi: Novapi7 dlls files will be self registered
11.02G (14/6/2017) Excel templates can now be distributed via Active Library Ctrl+A shortcut now selects all text in the current field SetDocumentLock (seconds) command available to app-level macros. This prevents user interacting with OyezForms UI (eg tabs) until macro is finished or SetDocumentLock 0 is called. Fix for error opening word forms through workflow.  
11.02F (13/6/2017) Not Released  
11.02E (12/6/2017) Not Released  
11.02D (15/5/2017) New command for application-level macros, SetProgressLock(seconds). This prevents user from selecting a form for the number of seconds entered (up to 30). Handing zero seconds resets.  
11.02C (14/5/2017) Not Released  
11.02B (21/4/2017) Tabs now have context menu (right-click) option to tile tab-groups horizontally and vertically  
11.02A (13/4/2017) Pinboard renamed to Clause Library. Users can now export their clause libraries, and reference exported ones (from shared folders). New app-level macro command .GetMainWindowHandle(), returns windows-assigned handle integrer.  
11.01Y (7/1/2017) Control over how OyezForms is triggered by file associations (TOOLS > OPTIONS > OPTIONS). DDE is now optional. (Problems can oocur with DDE under WIndows 10). Print dialogue now offers 'current page' as an output option. Watermark feature now falls under the control of external automation. Enhancements to clause library (pinboard) to allow users to export and reference exported pinboards. New app-level macro command GetMainWindowHandle() to return OS-provided windows handle ID. New Rollout_v5.msi supplied - Fix DDE issues under Windows 10
11.01X Not released.  
11.01W (21/10/2016) Adds the option to start OyezForms invisibly under automation. (TOOLS>OPTION>OPTIONS)    
11.01U (12/08/2016) Windows error 'There was a problem sending the command to the program' caused in V11.01T when opening a saved form (olf/.olfx).    
11.01T (02/08/2016) New Insert Signature from a .bmp, jpeg, tiff or png format. Code has been added to the Pages Properties dialogue to protect locked pages from being moved or having pages inserted between them in order to keep the macro referenced correctly. Enhancements have been made to the Insert>Add Field option.  
11.01S (07/07/2016) Text alignment amendment.  The baseline of the first line of text is now always 1/8" from the top edge of the field as in OyezForms V10.  
11.01R (20/06/2016) Optimising for WANs.  The Library Path is now configurable on the Tools/Options/Database tab.  Also, a full site licence will get written to the same location that contains the form templates as well as the program directory.   
11.01P (14/06/2016) A fix for timing issues when exiting OyezForms while application level macros are running under the form close() event.  
11.01N (08/06/2016) Export to PDF (Set Pages to Print) enhanced commands added.  This feature allows for creation of a single PDF of Used Sections on both IHT400(all) and LPA_Combined_Workflow forms  
11.01M (11/05/2016) Fixed macro bug for Copy/Paste Pages.  Issue fixed when opening V7 saved forms.  Field format resets if all data is cleared within a field. Option to define to Format response in ODMA transactions.  HideRecentFiles() app-level-macro command added to hide the FILE>RECENT FILES menu item.  GetCurrentFieldID() and GetCurrentPageNumber() to the automation interface.  New Oyezfrms.tlb and OyezV8EZ.ocx added.  
11.01L (20/04/2016) Active Library has the ability to deliver PDF templates into the File>New menu.  Also a bug has been fixed when launching a form which contains automatic shrink to fit fields.  
11.01K (22/03/2016) Oyez have added the following automation commands : ShowApplication() ,RequestForeground() to make the application visible/invisible (1/0) and- move it to the top of the z-order.  New Oyezfrms.tlb and OyezV8EZ.ocx added.  
11.01J (21/03/2016) Not Released  
11.01H (26/02/2016) Oyez Application crash when text is entered into a field if  Oyezfrms.exe is published in a Citrix Environment  
11.01G (01/02/2016) A new application-macro event, Application_FormDocumentOpened(), has been created ​. This event​ is fired after a form has completed loading from the file system​ and before a user can interact with the form.  
11.01F (08/01/2016) A Windows-generated document GUID can now be read via GetDocumentGUID in the external the COM automation interface,form-level macros, and application level macros. Additionally, the userpropertyBeta property is now available for read/write commands via the external COM interface.and also form-level macros.  
11.01E (23/12/2015) Fixes print issues on Flexi Forms where text is not aligned correctly in the field including exporting to CutePDF  
11.01D (14/12/2015) Fix when converting saved Flexi Forms from v10 to v11 'X' now available in tabs to close forms  
11.01C (9/12/2015) Further bug fix for text positioning on flexi-form after save under certain conditions.  
11.01B (3/12/2015) Bug fix for text positioning on flexi-form after save under certain conditions.  
11.01A (11/11/2015)

Version 11 introduces
enhanced text formatting.

Option added to force user to FILE>CLOSE a form before exiting OyezForms. This ensures the sax basic Close event triggers for each form. Crosses removed from tabs if application level macro is active.


10.02V (11/11/2015) As 10.02W, with expicit warning message is v11 olf/x file is opened.  
10.02W (06/11/2014) Fixes search facility listings. Now lists duplicate form names in multiple categories.  
10.02V (16/09/2014) Additional checks to validate the application macro files.

The default path is now determined when OyezForm is first run. The oyezfrms.bas file will be created in the same folder as the OyezForm main executable.

10.02U (28/08/2014) New auto-save feature for document recovery, with configurable save frequency and retainment period.  EDIT>RECOVER AUTO BACKUP... for open documents and more generally from TOOLS>RECOVER AUTO-SAVED FORMS(Windows Vista or above).  HMCTs Fee Account Number field added within Practice Details.   Fix for issue where the macro is disabled when opening saved flexible documents (olfx's).  
10.02T (11/07/2014) Undo enhancement. CTRL+DEL and CTRL+BACKSPACE now emulates Word functionality. Also Edit> Delete, Clear Form, Clear Page are all now connected to the Undelete feature.  
10.02S (03/07/2014) Application level macros: UserPropertyAlpha/Beta properties now persist within saved forms, and so can be retrieved during FILE>OPEN events.  
10.02R (24/06/2014) Fix iManage File>Save  issue (documents remained checked out until manually checked in). Tools > Options>ODMA Specific DMS has a drop down box  "Compliant" or "iManage 8.5 SP3 Update 6".  
10.02P (23/06/2014) Not Released:  Testing iManage File>Save issue with various variants.  
10.02N (12/06/2014) Fix for the bulk strikeout/tabbing issue. Also added an "Automatically save modified forms when closed" option on the Advanced Options tab. This prevents OyezForms asking, provided it has a valid path to save the form to. This features is for customers using CMS and DMS jointly.  
10.02M (08/04/2014) Enhancement to maximise via automation. Tools>Options>Options>Maximise the main window whenever started by automation and request the OS to bring it to foreground.  
10.02L (03/03/2014) OyezLegalForms PDF (Nova 7) - Windows 8/Server 2012 compliant.  Error 1000 event log fixed.
Encountered an improper argument when exiting a form and clicking Save on Windows 8/Server 2012.
New Rollout_v4.msi supplied - Register new novapi7.dll.  Attach user install updated to install OyezLegalForms PDF (Nova 7).
10.02K (28/02/2014) Not Released: Tools>Options>OMDA - Skip normal prompts to save modified forms.  
10.02J (03/02/2014) Migrate text between template revisions.  (Tools>Update Form Template).  This feature allows users to copy saved data within the .olf and .olfx to the latest available template.  ODMA Logging  
10.02H (17/12/2013) New Watermark feature added and new OyezWrap.dll (field label) added. New Rollout_v3.msi supplied - Register new OyezWrap.dll
10.02G (02/12/2013) Fix Active Library Synchronise error message (typo) - Not Released.  
10.02F (30/10/2013) Options to exclude command buttons from tabbing sequence available under Tools>Options>Options.  
10.02E (17/10/2013) Fix Print Preview crash when closing _Flexi forms in versions 10.02C and 10.02D.  
10.02D (14/10/2013) Fix to restore olf, olfx file associations. A button has been added to Tools >Options>Options.  
10.02C (27/09/2013) Fix issue of overlaying strikeout fields in OyezForms. Moves empty strikeout fields to the 'bottom of the stack', thus removing the problem of hiding underlying completed fields.  
10.02B (27/09/2013) Not Released :- ODMA logging enabled from the Advanced tab and writes a file odmalog.txt located in stored completed folder.  
10.02A (04/09/2013) Under automation, .load() command has been modified to accept paths to LFM/LFN templates, which opens as untitled forms. \\server\share\????????/lfm; file://server/share/????????.lfm; file:// paths are accepted. http://server/share paths are also accepted. Internet paths are not valid. New Rollout_v2.msi supplied
10.01R (15/08/2013) Further fix 10.01P (View > Properties > Alerts on Flexi forms) and problem with creating new categories when saving in the User Library.  
10.01P (06/08/2013) Fix - View > Properties > (Attempted unsupported operation) error.  
10.01N (11/07/2013) Fix - Emailing saved .olf's through File>Send.  V10.00Y to V10.01M olf's were being removed if attached using this method.  Also, Tools>Options>General - Application Look - Bug fixed when double-clicking a saved.olf  
10.01M (28/06/2013) Tools>Options>Autotext - Document ID can be stored correctly in F9999 field at footer of form. Reg key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\Autotext ODMAMode can be set to a value of 2 for the "Custom A" option.  Error warning when Oyezforms is launch where Path to User files folder is inaccessible.  
10.01L (27/06/2013) Tools > Options > Options > Do not use future dated templates under automation enabled. New OyezWrap.dll installed and registered.  Also new rolloutmsi_V1.msi updated to register OyezWrap.dll and  'Do not treat "\" as an escape in DDE execute commands' enabled. New rolloutmsi_V1.msi updated to register OyezWrap.dll and  'Do not treat "\" as an escape in DDE execute commands' enabled.
10.01K (11/06/2013) New Collections feature: Collections of forms can now be saved as one single file. Delay launch of OyezV9.exe (timeout issue). Force registry 'Do not treat "\" as an escape in DDE execute commands' enabled. New Oyezfrms.TLB and 32/64 Bit iFilters supplied.  
10.01J (19/03/2013) Fixed error:  Edit > Copy Page > Paste Page after current issue  
10.01I (19/03/2013) Not Released.  
10.01H (18/03/2013) Fixed error: Send Mail failed to send message for Outlook 2003 attaching files Updated Ovezv9 (v9.02w).  
10.01G (27/02/2013) Insert current date feature added, ForcePageAppend command added at form build level. Tools>Options>Options> Prevent registering of Shell Files Types at program start up.  
10.01F (01/02/2013) Fix for forms list intermittently disappearing from the File>New menu .  
10.01E (29/01/2013) OyeziFilter.msi for 32 and 64 Bit added. Ctrl +/- zoom functionality and toolbar tips enhanced. Oyezforms detects local and network folders for valid license file.  
10.01D (19/12/2012) OyezForms can now cache word templates locally  
10.01C (07/12/2012) File integrity checks introduced on all Save actions  
10.01B (06/12/2012) Password protected to the pinboard add, this is controlled Tools>Options>Database dialouge.  Added OyezV9.exe (9.02V -  To read auxgraph from master folder).  
10.01A (28/11/2012) New Pinboard Organiser with categories. OLF-Filter (iFilter) available, Font formatting reinstated and redirected auxgraph to master folder.  
10.00Y (06/11/2012) Implemented Send a PDF copy of the form as an email attachment in File > Send Options  
10.00X (18/10/2012) Fix for Div_E Word to open .dot using windows file association  
10.00W (29/09/2012) Enhanced formatting ability in Pinboard database. Fix when prefilling Legal Aid Key number using Insert > Practice Details.  
10.00V (10/08/2012) Fix for opening .dot files from virtual store file path (Windows Vista/Windows 7).  
10.00U (02/08/2012) Saved OyezForms can now be opened in Un-licensed mode through Explorer. Disabled database link to pick from lists on saved Oyezforms.  
10.00T (11/07/2012) Inserted blank pages now have a fill-in field pre-added to them. Inserted pages (both blank, and other copied+pasted pages) can now be placed in specified position within form.  
10.00S (03/07/2012) New events for application macros: Active Library Sync complete, and user generated input (from toolbar/menu)  
10.00R (02/07/2012) Not Released  
10.00P (11/06/2012) Enhanced search facility  
10.00N (04/06/2012) Not Released - Added a method to the App Macros,  A$ = App.GetUserStorageFolder  
10.00M (30/05/2012) Field labels added to status bar.  Bugs fixed for ODMA - error when opening File>Recent Files and Form close via X in tab (do not save)  
10.00L (18/05/2012) Facility for Active Library to download and manage Word templates added.  
10.00K (29/04/2012) Not Released  
10.00J (29/04/2012) Fix for data being truncated when opening Flexi forms. Also, fix to prevent Flexi forms containing macro's from a File>Close crash, Macro Editor Menu Bar disappearing, Tick box Font flicker and the "&" symbol missing in the Form Name from the Sidebar Recent Form list.   
10.00H (29/02/2012) Not Released  
10.00G (29/02/2012) Not Released  
10.00F (29/02/2012) Facility for multiple practice details added.  
10.00E (29/02/2012) Program now allows sharing of Nova PDF printer driver over a network (external automation of OyezForms too)
Improved msi install. All libraries register during install without need to subsequently run as admin.
10.00D (21/02/2012) Page editing now available to automation  
10.00C(16/02/2012) IHT400(All) fix for navigation command buttons  
10.00B  (31/01/2012) Added features: Authority Database Editor
Fixed Bugs: Explorer launch during File>New and parameter error when maximised.
10.00A  (03/01/2012) Launch of  OyezForms Version 10.
New _Flexi form format
Template caching
Improved library search
General enhancements


9.02U  (21/02/2012) Supplied with V10.00D: Page editing now available to automation, prevents V9 opening V10 flexi forms. Resolves Lost Arch issues
9.02T  (03/01/2012) Supplied with V10.00A: Allows  users to open saved V9 flexi forms
9.02S  (29/11/2011) Automation fix. When a user is presented with Yes/No/Cancel dialogue during automation, if Cancel is selected Oyezforms would crash out and also leave Oyezfrms.exe running as a process.
9.02R  (30/9/2011) Fix for bug when trying to re-save an .olf which is set to read-only.
9.02P  (1/9/2011) Enhancement to ODMA configuration
9.02N  (22/7/2011) Windows Vista / Windows 7 - Oyezforms type library is not loaded message when Oyezforms is launched can now be disabled. Tools>Options>Advanced 'Suppress Type Library is not loaded warning'.
9.02M  (24/6/2011) New eSub.dll to be used with the July 2011 version of form SDLT_eSub. Also, fix for Lost_Arch.txt file being created needlessly when saved Expandable forms are re-opened.
9.02L  (8/2/2011) Automation refinement: Updated message box "DMS not found - have you set a Default Key under your DMS entry in the ODMA32 section of the registry? Call support." Unless a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ODMA32\\Default\ key is set in the registry indicating the default DMS application, OyezForms displays "DMS not found" at start up.
9.02K  (3/2/2011) Automation refinement: OyezForms now strips any trailing spaces in a form's title during the filenew(), and store() commands.
9.02J  (24/6/2010) IHT400(all) Print Relevant Page function. Also, fix for bug with spell checker. If the first field is a pick from list field and then the spell checker is used, OyezForms would display a message box Database error, can't open any more tables.
9.02H  (7/5/2010) Fix for bug whereby when calling the labellist automation command on a Expandable -form with two identical field labels it caused OyezForms to crash.
9.02G  (7/5/2010) Not released.
9.02F  (11/2/2010) Fix for "The Page/Revision of the Legal form cannot be found" as Active Library will now be able to download missing form templates.
9.02E  (3/2/2010) Active Library dialogue box now has a Save Log to Clipboard option. Updated failed response details for Active Library.
9.02D  (11/11/2009) Font fix for Companies House forms. If Arial Narrow Font is not installed, Lavoisier Font will be used instead. Also an enhancement has been made to enable automatic shrinking of fonts to fit available space. This only applies where a command has been added at the form build level.
9.02B  (29/6/2009) Option to suppress missing font messages.
9.02A  (28/6/2009) Printing issue fixed on expandable forms when printing through explorer. Also the opening of the pinboard database is now delayed until it is needed rather than occuring at start up.
9.01Z  (26/5/2009) A button has been added to the HELP>ABOUT dialog to display the OyezForms License Agreement.
9.01Y  (18/5/2009) Minor enhancement to the Active Library feature.
9.01X  (11/5/2009) Enhancement to the Active Library Synchronisation feature.
9.01W  (6/4/2009) Modifications to the "newform" method using automation. The newform method first searches the library specified and then the other two in the order. Master, Custom and finally User. The new custom/user form names need to be unique.
9.01V  (17/3/2009) A new "targetprint" method has been added to the automation interface. A third parameter is a long integer that is 0 for simplex, 1 for duplex, or -1 if to be ignored. A minor issue with a "tick" on the last field has now been corrected. Also, a kerning issue has been fixed so that a form can be printed correctly without having to visit the page where the kerning field is present.
9.01U  (4/2/2009) Two new automation methods have been added. string extendedlabellist( void ) - Returns a list of the field labels for the current form, separated by commas. Includes any duplicates or empty field labels. string GetLabel( long fieldID ) - Returns the field label of the requested field ID on the current page. An empty string will be returned if there is no label assigned or the field ID does not exist. Similar commands have been added to the the DDE interface along with a new help file and the OyezV8EZ.ocx has also been upgraded to handle the new additions.
9.01T  (2/12/2008) Automation refinement to allow internal application-level macro events to fire when a form is created by external COM automation. By default this is OFF. The Tools>Options>Macros tab allows this to be set to ON. If set to ON, care should be taken to ensure conflicts in internal/external logic do not occur.
9.01S  (1/12/2008) New 'Export to PDF' facility. An OyezForms user can now export any form to PDF from within the software for emailing to clients etc. The File>'Export to PDF' menu option triggers the export. This is also available as an external COM method to software that may be automating OyezForms. The PDF export driver can be configured to control Security / Information / Graphic options. Contact support for details.
9.01R  (27/10/2008) New version of the esub.dll with extra functionality which gives the ability to create a centralised .ini file for all authentication, and proxy/connection settings. When preparing to submit, the esub.dll checks for authentication data in the following order: i) any case management data in fields 22-24 on page 1 ii) the local registry iii) finally, the ini file. This should give max configurability to the users. 2) A diagnostic button that contacts HMRC server, and produces a list of outstanding submissions on the HMRC server's log.
9.01P  (22/9/2008) Fix to allow for appended pages to be copied from form to form.
9.01N  (21/9/2008) Fix for downloading and opening of saved Oyezforms (.olf) files from a web folder
9.01M  (9/9/2008) Further Application Level Macro amendment (.bas file).
9.01L  (28/7/2008) Application Level Macro fix (.bas file).
9.01K  (15/7/2008) Fix for Kerning issues when prefilling data from Practice Details. Also updated Help file for automation.
9.01J  (30/5/2008) Further enhancement to 9.10H to alllow for forms containing macros saved from a licensed version of Oyezforms to be viewed, printed or emailed after the licence has expired without 'Specimen' being produced. This release also contains extra code for using OLE automation.
9.01H  (28/5/2008) Saved .olf files created from a licensed version of Oyezforms can now be viewed, printed or emailed after the licence has expired without 'Specimen' being produced.
9.01G  (27/5/2008) Active Library alert box added to warn users if their library has not been synchronised after 31 days. There will be no alert if Active Library has never been configured.
9.01F  (13/5/2008) Active Library configuration to include option to check for form updates'When Program Starts'. This replaces the option for 'Never'. Updated Probate Registry database.
9.01E  (2/5/2008) Introduced new Macro button on Toolbar and an option to switch macro status in Tools menu if required. This feature also remembers the run state of the macro engine when a form is saved and then re-opened. This release also enables fixed pitch override option for fields on certain forms where previously single fields per character was required.
9.01D  (22/4/2008) When an Active Library update fails, Oyezforms will now display a pop-up message box to alert the user. Also, the Active Library scheduler options have been changed. Updates can now be set to check to synchronise every 1, 3, 7 and 14 days.
9.01C  (4/4/2008) Oyezforms will prompt if users configured for Active Library attempt to use Admin>Library Maintenance to delete form templates. Also, Delete Form/Delete Page have both been replaced with Clear Form/Clear Page followed by a confirmation prompt. Finally, Oyezforms will import without an overwrite prompt if a minor change has been made to a form and the form date has been frozen.
9.01B  (6/3/2008) Load Balancing has been implemented to improve the automatic update service. This will help to ensure the Active Library Synchronisation is always available.
9.01A  (14/2/2008) New HMRC Modena fonts (ttf's) included in the build as per HMRC. Also, additional code has been added to detect which version of Oyezforms is running when a form is opened.
9.00T  (29/10/2007) Fix to correct bug in logic that checks for duplicates in label lists causing Oyez to crash, when printing field labels via automation. Updated e-sub dll.
9.00S  (11/10/2007) Active Library patch to increase the response timeout when synchronising library to help prevent error 12002.
9.00R  (26/9/2007) Drop down arrows added to Pick from List fields. Esub.dll included in install for future Electronic SDLT submission. Show all Revisions radio button to display pre-released and obsolete form titles.
9.00P  (13/6/2007) Fully Windows Vista Compliant. Active Library Selective Import option now available. This is useful for users who wish to automate Oyezforms via their case management system. Users can use active library to check and download forms, but can then manually select the forms to import and test individually. Active Library will now also display an error ‘Update Process Failed’ if local security settings strip out the contents of the downloaded zip file. The DDE interface has been updated to provide fill and other commands only previously available using the OLE interface. Also, tick boxes can now be used via automation. New help file and links to forms catalogue.
9.00N  (27/11/2006) Insert Tick feature. This version allows users to insert a tick into a field. A tick can be accessed from "insert" on the main menu, from the field context menu, or by using Ctrl+T. If the Wingdings font is not present on the computer the menu items are greyed out.
9.00M  (21/11/2006) Fixes relating to browsing Tools>Options>General paths to network shares/mapped drives. Previously OyezForms would ask to create a shared folder/mapped drives even though they already existed. Also, when browsing to the root of a mapped drive the second '\' no longer appears.
9.00L  (16/11/2006) Active Library enhancement. OyezForms now displays a last synchronised date and synchronised by label on the File>New menu. Also, the default size of the "File>New" dialogue has been changed to suit the screen resolution of the computer. Please note that we recommend a screen resolution of at least 800 by 600 pixels. The standard size can be selected if necessary, please see: Tools>Options>Advanced>Use the small “New Dialogue”. Finally, minor SDLT validation code has been included to tweak HiddenFields command.
9.00K  (2/10/2006) New Export Tab under Tools>Options which allows users to export a form to a PDF document creation printer. Also Active Library now downloads updated .exe file to Master directory.
9.00J  (25/9/2006) Automation amendment. Added "GetOlfPath" to OyezForms and OyezV8EZ.ocx.
9.00H  (11/9/2006) Fix for Expandable Forms. Font colour displays/prints correctly regardless of printer driver. License tracking module.
9.00G  (26/6/2006) Fix for 'Entry point not found...SHELL32.dll' error with NT4/Windows 95.
9.00F  (19/6/2006) Fix for 'Item not found in this collection' when using old Master Library database (mastlibr.mdb) in conjunction with Active Library. OyezForms downloads and installs all current subscribed forms.
9.00E  (16/6/2006) Proxy server authentication fix, Active Library. OyezForms works with none, basic and advanced authentication.
9.00D  (9/6/2006) Expandable Form amendment. To be used in conjunction with CON25-Expandable .
9.00C  (7/6/2006) Minor Automation amendment. The 'Loadform' command has been reinstated.
9.00B  (25/5/2006) Added authentication for proxy server operating on port 8000. The username and password have to be set in the Tool>Options>Active Library dialogue. This version has been successfully tested with NetPilot.
9.00A  (10/5/2006) This version of OyezForms downloads forms from the web and imports them into your Master Library AUTOMATICALLY. A Broadband connection is recommended. Please see Tools>Options>Import/Active Library. Please ensure you know your Oyez account number and password for the downloads website, For assistance and program configuration queries please contact Support on Tel: 020 7556 3201.
8.06P  (24/4/2006) Fix for ODMA Connection Manager error "Invalid Document ID", Interwoven DMS.
8.06N  (7/2/2006) Recoded logic to help prevent a delay when initialising Oyezforms.
8.06M  (7/9/2005) Increased form security, SDLT1.
8.06L  (27/7/2005) OyezForms Macro Engine check. As per 8.06K, this version checks that various dll files are present and loadable when OyezForms is initialised. Error messages now provide more detailed information. Now able to check that Macro Engine is installed correctly, see: Tools > Options > Macros > Check Macro Engine Installation. If a problem is detected a warning is displayed. Also, a fix for 'DMS Not Found' error message that occurs on Windows 98 PC's.
8.06K  (22/6/2005) OyezForms Macro Engine check. This version checks various dll files are present and loadable and also checks that various registry entries are present and correct. Error messages are displayed if a problem is detected.
8.06J  (31/5/2005) Enhanced Macro button funcionality. This version allows users to 'jump' from sections by clicking on buttons (similar to Hyperlinks).
8.06H  (23/5/2005) To be used in conjunction with Inland Revenue SDLT Phase 2 forms. OyezForms will override Duplex settings in Tools>Options>Print and print as Simplex. However, if the printer/driver is configured to print Duplex automatically then OyezForms MAY NOT be able to print Simplex. This is because we cannot guarantee complete control over the end printer/driver.
8.06G  (27/4/2005) To be used in conjunction with Inland Revenue SDLT Phase 2 forms (as per previous version 8.06F). Able to send Expandable Forms via File > Send. Now able to select ODMA compliancy level. See Tools > Options > Advanced.
8.06F  (30/3/2005) To be used in conjunction with Inland Revenue SDLT Phase 2 forms. This version will ensure that form macros are always on. **Macros are necessary for validation purposes** No longer able to view macro code from within specific forms. No longer possible to save specific forms to either User or Custom libraries. Now able to set the default Import Form path. See Tools > Options > Import. N.B. If a folder is not specified, OyezForms will use the last used import directory as the starting folder whenever the Import dialogue is invoked.
8.06E  (18/3/2005) To be used in conjunction with Inland Revenue SDLT Phase 2 forms. These forms will contain macro buttons which will link direct to in order to assist users with completion/validation. ODMA compliancy assured. New user warning message that displays when Master Library has no forms. To Import Forms see Oyezforms > Admin > Import New Forms.
8.06B  (25/10/2004) Macro engine fix. Now able to open multiple form titles that contain macro's.
8.06A  (27/8/2004) New feature whereby OyezForms tracks form usage in the master library database (mastlibr.mdb). This can be manually turned on and off if required. Please see Tools>Options>Advanced>Inhibit Statistics Updates in Master Library Database. Information gathered will provide feedback on form usage. The data is collected via the Analyse feature from Also, OyezForms now provides a message box to confirm when the License Key has been accepted.
8.05H  (18/6/2004) Email Module enhancement. See File>Send within a form. The resulting email message(s) will contain simpler instructions and a direct web link to Oyez Viewer (OyezView.exe)
8.05G  (4/6/2004) Fix for a display problem which occurs when switching the Autostrike option on and off within a Expandable Form. Form zoom feature has been enhanced to allow up to 250 as a default level. Now able to import Oyez database (.mdb) files via Admin>Import New Forms. Databases will be imported to the location as displayed in Tools>Options>Database. Also, OyezForms includes a new feature that allows the override of editing area colours with system colours in order to assist partially sighted users. See Tools>Options>Advanced. N.B. Please ensure that the Windows Display Colour Scheme is set to High Contrast (see Display Properties>Appearance).
8.05F  (31/3/2004) Minor alteration to previous version, 8.05E. OyezForms will now attempt to register AXPDF417.OCX at the first print job. If the file cannot be registered a warning message will appear and NO form will print. Please note that the PDF417 barcode technology, which has been incorporated into OyezForms as per Inland Revenue guidelines, is not compatible with Windows 95. Therefore, Windows 98+, or NT4 SP6+ is required. For further information please visit
8.05E  (25/3/2004) Now able to Automate OyezForm templates that contains macros. Also, OyezForms includes new routines that ascertain whether AXPDF417.OCX and AXPDF417.LIC are present in the Main Program Path (See Tools>Options>General). If both are not present a warning message will appear. OyezForms will also automatically register the OCX file, PROVIDING the user has sufficient local rights (Power User).
8.05A  (3/3/2004) Now able to automatically produce PDF417 barcodes for SDLT forms. Also, enhanced Pinboard functionality.
8.04P  (19/1/2004) Now able to disable ODMA compliancey regardless of whether a Document Management System (DMS) is present or not. See Tools>Options>Advanced>Disable ODMA.
8.04N  (15/1/2004) Minor OLE Automation amendment for Fieldlist method. If Suppressed fields are switched on then it's possible to return all Print ID's using Fieldlist method. If Suppressed fields are switched off then it's only possible to return Print ID's that are not suppressed.
8.04M  (13/1/2004) OyezForms officially ODMA compliant with Hummingbird DM (Document Management System).
8.04L  (18/11/2003) Enhanced user instructions for File > Send feature. Also, the resulting email has the Oyez Legal Software Support telephone number which can be called should third parties have problems with email attachments.
8.04K  (31/10/2003) OyezForms now displays a pop-up message to advise users when forms have been imported successfully. Also, OyezForms will now display the following message when users try to import forms when other network users are at the File>New menu: "One or more forms have NOT been imported. Please ensure ALL other network users are COMPLETELY out of OyezForms and then try Importing again."
8.04J  (16/10/2003) Print ID Labels. Now able to print out Field ID Labels as well as Field ID Numbers. Within a form go to Tools>Print ID Labels>print as normal. The resulting print job will display the various labels in each relevant field. Using Field Labels as opposed to Field Numbers is recommended for Case Management suppliers as the Field ID Numbers are subject to change when new or amended forms revisions are released. Field ID Labels are not bound by Field Numbers so should not need re-mapping when new or amended forms revisions are released.
8.04H  (10/10/2003) Minor DDE automation amendment. Now able to automate OyezForms via DDE in a hidden state, which is useful for Case Management Systems with multiple users. OyezForms runs in a hidden state so users are unable to interact with macros, thereby preventing run-time errors. Example : q = Shell("p:\oyez32\oyezfrms.exe", vbHide)
8.04G  (29/9/2003) Now able to print saved forms via Windows Explorer. Right-button-click on a saved form (*.olf) and press Print with a left-button-click.
8.04F  (14/7/2003) Minor OLE Automation fix. Now able to initialize Oyezforms and minimize without having to load a form template.
8.04E  (11/7/2003) Fix for 'Legal Form Fonts…' error message. Previously, Oyezforms would either copy *.sfr font files from the application directory to c:\windows, c:\winnt or to the path as displayed in Tools>Options>General>Path to Users Files upon initialisation. Oyezforms now reads the *.sfr file fonts as *.ttf (True Type Fonts). This means that there is no longer a need to copy *.sfr font files to any location.
8.04D  (10/7/2003) Fix for File>Save or Save As. Oyezforms now displays a warning message prompting the user to save to an alternative path when the specified path does not have enough free disk space. Please note that this may help prevent the 'Unexpected File Format' error message.
8.04C  (18/6/2003) Now able to re-direct the Oyezform fonts (*.sfr) to an alternative location in order to help prevent the Legal Form Fonts error message. Please see Tools>Options>Advanced>Use 'User Files' folder for font resources. By default, Oyezforms will try to copy *.sfr files from the application directory to c:\windows or c:\winnt upon initialisation. Once the tick box is checked Oyezforms will then copy the font files to the User Files location as displayed in Tools>Options>General, not c:\windows or c:\winnt. This feature is intended for restricted users who do not have write access to there own c:\drive. In this instance the User Files path will need to map to a location where the user(s) has full access rights e.g. o:\oyez32\user.
8.04B  (10/6/2003) Fix for File>Save In Library. The Custom and User libraries now allow multiple variants of the same form with the same revision.
8.04A  (7/5/2003) New search facility added to the File>New dialogue. Now able to search by Form Name, Description and Category in the Master, Custom and User libraries. The search results appear on the right hand side of the dialogue. When a form is selected the associated Range/Category on the left-hand side of the dialogue is highlighted. Forms are opened in the usual way by either double-clicking or selecting the required form and clicking OK. Also, now able to link with Microsoft Access memo fields when customizing field properties.
8.03X  (20/3/2003) OyezForms splash screen time delay reduced to a minimal amount. The splash screen will appear for no longer than a second or two upon initialization. Previously the splash screen would last for a full five seconds.
8.03W  (12/3/2003) Fix for Practice Details. Previously, Oyezforms would pre-fill certain address fields with carriage returns and spaces when the licensee.mdb was blank. This meant that users were unable to type in text manually. Now have the ability to split the licensee.mdb (Practice Details) away from other databases. This is particularly useful when multiple sites connect to a single central network version of Oyezforms. Go to Tools>Options>Database and tick box Use a personal copy of Licensee.mdb from 'User Files' folder. This creates a fresh Licensee.mdb which must be populated by completing Admin>Practice Details screen. Also useful for those customers who run Oyezforms in Terminal Server/Citrix environments across many servers/locations.
8.03V  (4/3/2003) Fix for 'No Printer Found' error message when initialising Oyezforms V8.03U. The problem usually occurs with networked or TCP/IP printers such as HP4050 TN. Some printers miss-report their own status when idle. A printer that is on 'Stand By' or 'Power Save' for example, may give Windows/Oyezforms the appearance of being 'Off Line' and therefore unavailable.
8.03U  (31/1/2003) Enhanced Radio Button funcionality.
8.03T  (23/1/2003) Fix for File > Save As. Oyezforms will now reference the original saved form name when opening a saved form and then performing another File > Save As function. Previously, the form template name was being referenced in error.
8.03S  (19/12/2002) Contains a new splash screen and other copyright references have been updated to 2003. The automation interface and associated OCX now have a new method (loadform) which allows a new form to be loaded by using the Form ID, Category ID, Revision and library, as opposed to the form name. Also contains updated versions of Oyezfrms.hlp and Formscat.hlp.
8.03R  (25/11/2002) Fix for overflowing text boxes. Oyezforms will now reject any data that causes text boxes to overflow. Once the limit of a text box has been reached, a warning will appear on the status line and a bleep will sound (providing your computer is capable of audio output). You'll need to manually remove text in order to continue typing.
8.03P  (8/11/2002) Fix for Oyez Initial Printer. Oyezforms caused an Invalid Page Fault in MFC42.DLL when printing to HP1000 and HP1200. N.B. We recommend upgrading to V8.03P if you are experiencing any similar printing problems with V8.03M or V8.03N.
8.03N  (28/10/2002) Fix for Oyez Initial Printer. Oyezforms caused an Invalid Page Fault in MFC42.DLL in there was no Windows Default or Oyez Initial Printer, or if the Windows Default or Oyez Initial Printer driver was corrupt. Oyezforms will now ask you to check the printer driver before continuing if the Windows Default or Oyez Initial printer driver is found to be corrupt. New magnifier glass icon on the Edit Toolbar which links into a new 32bit Forms Catalogue (formscat.hlp) which now has a searchable index. Also see File > New > Catalogue and Help > Forms Catalogue. Please note that it is not possible to open a new template via the Forms Catalogue.
8.03M  (16/10/2002) Able to specify an Initial Printer for Oyezforms. See Tools>Option>Print. Useful when users need to print Oyezforms to a specific printer and/or output tray, which is different from the Windows default. Select the desired printer for Oyezforms from the drop down list. The list will mirror your Printers folder in Control Panel. Please ensure that the Oyez Initial Printer is online before printing. Oyezforms may 'hang' if the Initial Printer is offline. Simply choose another printer during the session. Once you start a new Oyez session, the software will resort back to the Initial Printer.
8.03L  (10/10/2002) Added Radio Button functionality.
8.03K  (6/8/2002) Fix for File>Close. Each font selected now displays a brief description. See Tools>Options>Styles>Select.
8.03J  (15/7/2002) Fix for error message of 'Access to c:\program files\oyez\oyez legal forms\users was denied'. Windows 95 users were unable to re-save forms that had previously been saved via File>Save in Library. Updated on-line help file (oyezfrms.hlp).
8.03G  (26/6/2002) The help menu now has an additional link to the TM demo page on the oyezstraker website.
8.03F  (18/6/2002) Fix for Print Preview.
8.03E  (13/6/2002) Now able to drag and drop of an OLF file onto the main window. Also includes a facility that allows commands to be added to the tools menu to permit other programs to be launched from OyezForms.
8.03D  (30/4/2002) Oyezforms now ODMA compliant (DOCS OPEN), Tools>Options>Advanced. Also, EXCLUSIVE Help menu links to the Downloads web site: and TM NLIS web site:, also known as 'Kiosking'. See Tools>Options>Autotext.
8.03B  (25/3/2002) Fix for 'Failed to Open Document' error message. Particulary useful for opening saved Expandable Forms.
8.03A  (22/2/2002) Fix for File>Save As problem. Software will now ask you if you are sure that you want to replace the existing saved form with a new saved form which has the same name.
8.02V  (28/1/2002) Tools>Options>General includes a path to the license file (oyezform.lic). License expiry notification feature which gives users 7 days prior notice that the license is due to expire. New Expandable Forms user warnings to advise customers when too much text has been input into a Expandable Form. N.B. We do not recommend expanding Expandable Forms by more than 15 pages. File corruption may occur if a Expandable Form if expanded above this figure.
8.02T  (21/12/2001) Admin>Database Maintenance feature updated to enable the creation of shortlists for all databases.
8.02S  (26/11/2001) Registry fix for OyezForms on Windows 2000. Restricted users do not have to access the CLASSES_ROOT folder.
8.02R  (6/11/2001) A minor Automation fix. Also, Help menu has URL links to the Downloads web site: and TM NLIS web site:
8.02P  (17/10/2001) The automation interface has a new method ( labellist ). The method has no parameters and returns a string. 'labellist' is a method rather than a property to maintain backward compatibilty for other users.
8.02N  (17/10/2001) The automation interface includes a new method to permit filling using the field labels, fill
8.02M  (2/10/2001) Added Print Preview Icon on Toolbar. Still able to Print Preview through File>Print Preview.
8.02L  (4/9/2001) Admin>Library Maintenance dialogue, ALT+L is the new the shortcut key combination for Delete. ALT+D is still the shortcut key combination for Done.
8.02K  (9/8/2001) New Admin>Registry Maintenance function which enable users to perform a Registry clean from within Oyezforms. Registry will no longer be corrupted should Oyezforms be opened when no printer(s) are installed.
8.02J  (3/8/2001) New 'Preserve Toolbar Layout' in Tools>Options>Styles. Users able to customize and save tool bar layout. Admin menu re-ordered. Licensee Details renamed to Practice Details. Able to manually type a path in Admin>Import New Forms. Use tab key to refresh.
8.02H  (27/6/2001) Fix for the macro engine which is useful for CLSCLAIM1 in particular. New Page Break facility for the Expandable Forms. Email Module now has user instructions added for non-OyezFrms users. New Company name, splash screen and icon. Installs TTF fonts locally.
8.02G  (24/5/2001) Fix for File>Save in Windows Me which defaults to My Documents regardless of Tools>Options>General>Path to stored completed forms and registry settings.
8.02F  (21/5/2001) Has code to get around the Win2K Server bug which prevents Domain Users modifying OLFs saved on a network share. Also fixes bug where restricted users do not have permission to register Class information or Type Libraries
8.02E  (15/5/2001) Enables users who do not have 100% MAPI compliant email clients/servers to save both the oyezview.exe/ofv to the HD so they can be manually attached to an email. This will also be helpful for users who only have Internet mail accounts e.g. Hotmail
8.02D  (1/5/2001) OyezFrms stopped responding when typing an X into a 1 characher long strike out field. The cause was that the font was too big.
8.02C  (26/2/2001) OyezFrms is able to either dislay DX or LP (Legal Post) details. This seems to apply to Scottish customers who have IHT, but may trickle down to other ranges and southern customers in time.
8.02B  (20/2/2001) Criminal Defence Service UFN Number. A new reference code that applies to Legal Aid forms. Similar to the Legal Aid Supplier Number. Customer must upgrade to take advantage of new code.
8.02A  (13/2/2001) Beta Test Version for E-mail Module and also Oyezforms Memory fix to allow Oyezforms to give back all its used Memory to the Operating system. Also able to keep Supressed Fields switched on after exiting and re-entering OyezFrms. Can be seen in regedit.
8.01C  (13/11/2000) Fix for Save In Library problem. Upon exiting and re-entering Oyez unable to open saved forms in Custom or User folders. If upgrading from an earlier version, rename the oyezflex.dll/oyezfrms.exe and run patch again.
8.01B  (6/11/2000) Fix for cursor problem, EP3. Text prints below field, LPI miss calculation.
8.01A  (31/10/2000) Live version sent in October/November 2000