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Maintaining your Address Databases

Please note, these databases are no longer centrally updated by Advanced.


The following files should be present in the \library\master\ sub-folder of your application folder, prior to making any changes. If these are not present, please update your library via the Active Library process.

Database Name

Addresses contained


Land Registry & Local Authority addresses for use in your Conveyancing, Law Society & Core Law Society ranges.


County & High Court addresses for use in the Civil Procedure, Divorce and Children Act ranges.


Probate Registry addresses for use in your Probate range.

Editing the Databases

Please follow the below steps to edit the information contained within your databases. The changes will be reflected for any users pointing to the same \Library\Master location when the software is next opened.

Please note, Advanced do not accept any responsibility for any mistakes made when making changes to the databases.

  1. Open the OyezForms application
  2. Click 'Admin' then 'Database'
  3. Click 'Use OyezForms Database Editor'
  4. Tick the option 'Confirm you will maintain authorities lists'
  5. Find the address you wish to change from the dropdown menus
  6. Make the required changes
  7. Click 'Update'
  8. Click 'Exit'