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Personnel - Recruitment Range

Title Description EFIS
FORM 101 AF Application Form 110/2018
FORM 103 IR Interview Assessment Report 110/2018
FORM 106 IG Interview Guide 110/2018
FORM 114 PR Probationary Review 66/2018
FORM 115 RR Reference Request 4/2017
FORM 116 RS Recruitment Specification 7/2004
FORM 129 EOM Equal Opportunity Monitoring Form 67/2015
FORM 201 IS Interview Summary For Managerial and Senior Staff 110/2018
FORM 222 JD Job Description 7/2004
FORM 223 RG Recruitment Guide 7/2013
FORM 225 IC Induction Checklist 110/2018
FORM 227 EF Engagement Form 110/2018
FORM 228 EIF New Employee Information Folder 110/2018
FORM 307 OE Offer of Employment 110/2018
FORM 99 IAF Internal Application Form 110/2018
FORM EPN Employee Privacy Notice 77/2018
FORM GDPR Privacy Statement (for inclusion in contract of employment) 77/2018


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