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Scottish Insolvency Range

Title Description EFIS
FORM1(SCOT) Notice of Appointment of a Receiver by the Holder of a Floating Charge (Section 53(1)) na
FORM2(SCOT) Notice of Appointment of a Receiver by the Court (Section 54(3)) na
FORM3(SCOT) Notice of the Receiver ceasing to act or of his removal (section 62(5)) na
FORM3_1(SCOT) Notice Requiring Submission of Receivership - Statement of Affairs (Section 66(1), 66(4) & Rule 3.2(1)) na
FORM3_2(SCOT) Receiver's Abstract of Receipts and Payments (Rule 3.9) na
FORM3_3(SCOT) Notice of Receiver's Death (Rule 3.10) na
FORM3_4(SCOT) Notice of Authorised to Dispose of Secured Property (Section 61(6)) na
FORM3_5(SCOT) Notice of Receiver's Report (Section 67(1)) na
FORM4(SCOT) Notice of Appointment of Receiver (Section 65(1)) na
FORM4_1(SCOT) Statutory Demand for Payment of Debt (Section 123(1)(a) & Section 22(2)(a)) na
FORM4_10(SCOT) Certificate of Removal of Liquidator na
FORM4_11(SCOT) Notice of Removal of Liquidator (Rule 4.24) na
FORM4_12(SCOT) Application by Liquidator to the Accountant of Court for his Release na
FORM4_13(SCOT) Certificate by the Accountant of Court of Release of Liquidator na
FORM4_14(SCOT) Certificate of Release of Liquidator (Rule 4.25) na
FORM4_15(SCOT) Notice to Court of Resignation of Liquidator na
FORM4_16(SCOT) Notice of Resignation of Liquidator (Section 171(5)) na
FORM4_17(SCOT) Notice of Final Meeting of Creditors (Rule 4.31) na
FORM4_18(SCOT) Notice of Death of Liquidator (Rule 4.36) na
FORM4_19(SCOT) Notice of Vacation of Office by Liquidator (Rule 4.37) na
FORM4_2(SCOT) Notice of Winding Up (Section 130) na
FORM4_20(SCOT) Certificate of Constitution of Creditors'/Liquidation Committee na
FORM4_21(SCOT) Liquidator's Certificate of Continuance of Liquidation Committee na
FORM4_22(SCOT) Notice of Constitution/Continuance of Liquidation/Creditors' Committee (Rule 4.42) na
FORM4_23(SCOT) Liquidator's Certificate that Creditors Paid in Full na
FORM4_24(SCOT) Notice of Certificate that Creditors Have Been Paid in Full (Rule 4.59) na
FORM4_25(SCOT) Declaration of Solvency (Section 89(3)) na
FORM4_26(SCOT) Return of Final Meeting in a Voluntary Winding Up (Section 94/106) na
FORM4_27(SCOT) Notice of Court's Order Sisting Proceedings in Winding Up by the Court na
FORM4_28(SCOT) Notice under Section 204(6) or 205(6) na
FORM4_29(SCOT) Proxy na
FORM4_3(SCOT) Notice Requiring Submission of Statement of Affairs (Section 131(4) & Rule 4.7(3)) na
FORM4_30(SCOT) Confirmation by Court of Creditors'Voluntary Winding up Application and Order (Rule 4.84) na
FORM4_31(SCOT) Notice in respect of order under Section 176A (Rule 7.13B) na
FORM4_32(SCOT) Notice to the creditors of an insolvent company of the re-use of a prohibited name (Rule 4.80) na
FORM4_4(SCOT) Statement of Affairs na
FORM4_5(SCOT) Liquidator's Statement of Receipts and Payments na
FORM4_6(SCOT) Notice of Liquidator's Statement of Receipts and Payments (Section 192) na
FORM4_7(SCOT) Statement of Claim by Creditor na
FORM4_8(SCOT) Certificate of Appointment of Liquidator na
FORM4_9(SCOT) Notice of Appointment of a Liquidator (Rules 4.2, 4.18, 4.19 & 4.27) na
FORM5(SCOT) Statement of Affairs na
FORM600(SCOT) Notice of appointment of a liquidator - Voluntary winding up (Members or Creditors) na
IN2_10B(SCOT) Notification of Appointment of Administrator (For Edinburgh Gazette and other Advertising) na
IN2_11B(SCOT) Notice of administrator's appointment na
IN2_12B(SCOT) Notice Requiring Submission of a Statement of Affairs na
IN2_13B(SCOT) Statement of Affairs na
IN2_14B(SCOT) Statement of Concurrence na
IN2_15B(SCOT) Notice of Statement of Affairs na
IN2_16B(SCOT) Statement of Administrator's Proposals na
IN2_16BZ(SCOT) Notice of Deemed Approval of Proposals na
IN2_17B(SCOT) Statement of Administrator's Revised Proposals na
IN2_18B(SCOT) Notice of Result of Meeting of Creditors na
IN2_19B(SCOT) Notice of Order to Deal with Secured Property na
IN2_1B(SCOT) Statement of proposed administrator na
IN2_20B(SCOT) Administrator's progress report na
IN2_21B(SCOT) Notice of automatic end of administration na
IN2_22B(SCOT) Notice of Extension of Period of Administration na
IN2_23B(SCOT) Notice of end of administration na
IN2_24B(SCOT) Notice of Court Order Ending Administration na
IN2_25B(SCOT) Notice of Move From Administration to Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation na
IN2_26B(SCOT) Notice of Move From Administration to Dissolution na
IN2_27B(SCOT) Notice to Registrar of Companies in Respect of Date of Dissolution na
IN2_28B(SCOT) Notice of Intention to Resign as a Administrator na
IN2_29B(SCOT) Notice of Resignation by Administrator na
IN2_2B(SCOT) Notice of Petition for Administration Order na
IN2_31B(SCOT) Notice of Appointment of Replacement/Additional Administrator na
IN2_32B(SCOT) Notice of Insufficient Property For Distribution to Unsecured Creditors Other Than by Virtue of s.176A(2)(a) na
IN2_3B(SCOT) Notice of Dismissal of Petition for Administration Order na
IN2_4B(SCOT) Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator by Holder of Qualifying Floating Charge na
IN2_5B(SCOT) Notice of Appointment of an Administrator by Holder of Qualifying Floating Charge na
IN2_6B(SCOT) Notice of appointment of an administrator by holder of qualifying floating charge na
IN2_7B(SCOT) Notice of intention to appoint an administrator by company or director(s) na
IN2_8B(SCOT) Notice of appointment of an administrator by company or director(s) na
IN2_9B(SCOT) Notice of appointment of an administrator by company or director(s) na


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