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EFIS 69, December 2023 : Civil Procedure

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HMCTS have introduced a new 2023 version of the EX160 form for applications made or fees paid on or after 27th November 2023. The existing EX160 will remain in the library for applications made or fees paid before 27th November 2023, the description of this form has been amended to make its use clear.
The remaining forms have been updated in order to amend the Queen's Bench Division to King's Bench Division. All forms are available for immediate use.

Forms affected

EX160(2023) Apply for help with fees (for applications made or fees paid on or after 27 November 2023) New/Amended
HCNO62 Writ of fieri facias to enforce Northern Irish or Scottish judgment New/Amended
EX160 Apply for help with fees (for applications made or fees paid before 27 November 2023) New/Amended
HCNO71 Notice of Extension of Writ of Control (CPR 83.4) New/Amended
HCNO37 Order for appointment of special examiner to take evidence of witness out of jurisdiction (Rule 34.13(4) and PD34A paragraph 5.8) New/Amended
HCNO44B Order under refusing judgment under Part 24 and giving directions as to the future conduct of the case New/Amended
HCNO44D Order under Part 24 for detailed assessment of solicitor's bill of costs and for judgement on the amount found due thereunder New/Amended
HCNO44C Order under Part 24 imposing condition of payment into court (rule 3.1(3) and PD24 paras 5.1 and 5.2) New/Amended
HCNO48 Order after separate trial of issue rule 3.1(2)(i) New/Amended
HCNO45 Judgment after trial before Judge without Jury (PD40B para. 14.1(1)) New/Amended
HCNO46 Judgment after trial before Judge with Jury (PD40B para. 14.1(2)) New/Amended
HCNO49 Judgment against personal representative (PD40B para. 14.3) New/Amended
HCNO47 Judgment after trial before a Master or District Judge (PD40B para. 14) New/Amended
HCNO52A Notice of Judgment or Order to non-parties (CPR 19.8(4)(a)(i)) New/Amended
HCNO52 Notice of Claim to non-parties (CPR 19.8A(4)(a)(i)) New/Amended
HCNO44A Part 24 Judgment for Defendant New/Amended
HCNO44 Part 24 Judgment for claimant New/Amended
HCNO35 Draft Letter of request for examination of witness out of jurisdiction (to be filed by a party under rule 34.13(6)) New/Amended
HCNO65 Writ of Delivery: Delivery of Goods or Value, Damages and Costs New/Amended
HCNO34 Order for the Issue of a Letter of Request to Judicial Authorities Out of Jurisdiction (Rule 34.13) New/Amended
HCNO67 Writ of Sequestration (rule 81.20(1) and rule 81.27) New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.