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EFIS 65, October 2023 : Conveyancing

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HM Land Registry have updated the LRCOG1, LRHR4 and LRID5 forms, details of the changes are as follows:

LRCOG1 - section 4 has been amended to clarify that, while the first contact address must be a postal address, the second and third addresses can be either an email or a postal address;
LRHR4 - two side notes have been added to panel 7 to clarify that a 'decree absolute' is now known as a 'final order' and to explain that, if none of the options in panel 7 apply, the basis for applying to cancel the notice should be clear from the documents listed in panel 4;
LRID5 - Panel 7 has been amended to correct an incorrect panel cross-reference.

These forms are all available for immediate use; however, previous versions will continue to be accepted indefinitely.

Forms affected

LRHR4_Word Cancellation of a home rights notice - word version New/Amended
LRID5 Certificate to be given by a conveyancer where a person's identity has been verified by way of an online video call - temporary COVID-19 form New/Amended
LRHR4 Cancellation of a home rights notice New/Amended
LRCOG1 Updating registered owners' contact address New/Amended

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