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EFIS 1, January 2023 : Conveyancing - LS Transaction

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An updated version of the LPE1 (Leasehold Property Enquiries) form is now available for immediate use, the revised form coincides with lenders changing their policies to be able to lend on properties in remediation schemes, or those covered by leaseholder protections. The changes arise from the Building Safety Act 2022 which came into force on the 28th June 2022.

This is the fourth version of the LPE1 form and includes a number of additional questions covering:

- Whether the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate has been served on the Landlord in relation to the sale of the property or remedial works required to the property;
- Whether a Landlord's Certificate has been served;
- Where there is any outstanding enforcement action against the Landlord or accountable person (as they will be known once Part 4 of the Building Safety Act 2022 is commenced during 2023).

The form also includes new requests for documents covering the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate, the Landlord's Certificate, and any known enforcement action taken. Definitions for the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate and the Landlord's Certificate have been added, plus an amendment to the definition of a Right to Manage Company.

Further Guidance from the Government on this issue can be found here:

For details of field amendments please go to:

Forms affected

LPE1_Word Leasehold Property Enquiries - Word version New/Amended
LPE1 Leasehold Property Enquiries New/Amended

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