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EFIS 28, March 2021 : Personnel - Attendance

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Further to the notification in the EFIS on the 24th February 2021, the Waterlow Legal HR Personnel forms will now be withdrawn to prevent accidental use of non-maintained forms. The following ranges have been withdrawn:

Personnel - Attendance
Personnel - Employee Administration
Personnel - Policy Documents
Personnel - Recruitment

Forms affected

FORM 220 NOTES Employee Attendance Record (Additional Notes) Withdrawn
FORM 113 AR Absence Report Withdrawn
FORM 128 HRF Holiday Request Form Withdrawn
FORM 304 AMC Access to Medical Reports Act Employee's Consent Form Withdrawn
FORM 303 AMR Access to Medical Reports Act Employee Medical Report Withdrawn
FORM 216 SSC Sickness Self-Certification Withdrawn
FORM 308 PLN Ordinary Parental Leave Notification Form Withdrawn
FORM 309 PLR Application for Ordinary Paternity Leave Withdrawn
FORM 217 SAR Sickness Absence Record Withdrawn
FORM 302 TODE Time Off For Dependant's Emergencies Notification Form Withdrawn
FORM 220S ARC Employee Attendance Record Card Academic Year 2010/11 Withdrawn
FORM 219 RTW Return to Work Interview Record Withdrawn
FORM 219 NOTES Return to Work Interview (Form 219 Guidance Notes) Withdrawn
FORM 309 NOTES Ordinary Paternity Leave and Pay (Form 309 Guidance Notes) Withdrawn
FORM 220C ARC Employee Attendance Record (Jan - Dec 2004) Withdrawn
FORM 311 NCL Shared Parental Leave Notice of Curtailment of Leave Form Withdrawn
FORM 220D ARC Employee Attendance Record Withdrawn
FORM 312 NEF Shared Parental Leave Notice of Entitlement Form Withdrawn
FORM 313 NLF Application for Shared Parental Leave (Notice of Leave Form) Withdrawn
FORM 314 NVE Shared Parental Leave Notice of Variation of Eligibility Withdrawn
FORM 315 NVP Shared Parental Leave Notice of Variation of Period of Leave Withdrawn

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.