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EFIS 63, August 2019 : Conveyancing - CQS

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Later this summer, the Law Society intends to publish the next edition of its Toolkit for the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Because the CQS forms are adapted for use from this Toolkit, the Law Society is content for Oyez to publish the latest versions of CQS1-CQS8 which conveyancing practitioners can use immediately in advance of the publication of this new edition of the CQS Toolkit

For details of field amendments please go to:

Forms affected

CQS1 File summary sheet New/Amended
CQS2 File review - Conveyancing Purchase New/Amended
CQS3 File Review - Conveyancing Sale New/Amended
CQS4 Anti-money laundering - client identification form New/Amended
CQS5 Anti-money laundering - internal reporting form New/Amended
CQS6 Client instruction form New/Amended
CQS7 Risk notice New/Amended
CQS8 File risk assessment and conflict of interests check form New/Amended

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