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EFIS 28, April 2019 : Probate

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Pursuant to the information previously supplied to you on EFIS 17/2019 and in response to customer's feedback on the use of these new statement of truth forms, Oyez has amended SOT1-SOT10 to facilitate their completion by a sole executor or administrator.

Subscribers to this range are therefore invited to use the latest versions of SOT1-SOT10 immediately.

Forms affected

SOT1 Statement of Truth (Executors) New/Amended
SOT2 Statement of Truth (Executors) Trust Corporation New/Amended
SOT4 Statement of Truth (Administrators) New/Amended
SOT5 Statement of Truth (Attorney of Administrator) New/Amended
SOT6 Statement of Truth (Administrators with the Will) New/Amended
SOT7 Statement of Truth (Administrators de bonis non) New/Amended
SOT8 Statement of Truth (Administrators with the Will, de bonis non) New/Amended
SOT9 Statement of Truth (Double Probate) New/Amended
SOT3 Statement of Truth of an Attorney of an Executor (Administration with Will annexed) New/Amended
SOT10 Statement of Truth (Administrators) (Person with Parental Responsibility and Nominee) New/Amended

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