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EFIS 16, March 2019 : Conveyancing

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HM Land Registry has amended panel 3 on form LRACD and panel 4 of LRADD to replace references to industrial and provident societies with "registered societies."

HMLR has also amended the LRCIT form by adding certificate T and changing a number of certificates to take account of the Digital Services Act 2017 which combats fraud against the public sector and to include other, qualifying applicants that have investigatory powers under the Proceeds and Crime Act 2002.

Whilst HMLR will continue to accept the current forms indefinitely, subscribers to this range may prefer to use the latest versions of these amended forms for applications submitted to HMLR on and after 4th March.

For details of field amendments please go to:

Forms affected

LRCIT Application in connection with court proceedings, insolvency and tax liability New/Amended
LRACD Application for approval of a standard form of charge deed and allocation of official Land Registry reference New/Amended
LRADD Application for approval of a deed of variation/priority/postponement of a charge New/Amended

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