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EFIS 8, February 2019 : Intellectual Property

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Further to our update in January, EFIS_02_19, the Intellectual Property Office have made further amendments to forms TM7, TM12R and TM26(I).

The Intellectual Property Office have also amended forms TM16, TM17, TM26(R), TM33(P) and TM51.

All forms can be used immediately.

For details of field amendments please go to:

Forms affected

TM26(I) Application to declare invalid a registration or a protected international trade mark (UK) New/Amended
TM26(R) Application to rectify the register New/Amended
TM7 Notice of opposition and statement of grounds New/Amended
TM16 Application to record a change of ownership New/Amended
TM51 Application to remove or amend the recordal of a licence New/Amended
TM17 Request to merge registrations New/Amended
TM33(P) Appointment or change of representative (for opponents and cancellation applicants) New/Amended
TM12R Request to divide a registered trade mark New/Amended

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