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EFIS 46, May 2014 : Landlord & Tenant

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The Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Act 2014 repeals section 99(S) (a) of the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.

This legislative change enables notices served under sections 13 and 42 of the 1993 Act to be authorised by a third party acting on behalf of a tenant.

The Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Act 2014 will come into force two months after receiving Royal Assent.

We have therefore amended HUD1 and HUD6 for use from 13th May.

Please also find form L&T29SR which has received a small field amendment and can be used immediately.

Forms affected

L&T29SR Tenant's Request for Information from Landlord or Landlord's Mortgagee About Landlord's Interest - [LT5] New/Amended
HUD1 Notice of claim to exercise right - [LRHUD1] [LRHUD1A] New/Amended
HUD6 Initial Notice by Tenant - [LRHUD10] New/Amended

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