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EFIS 7, February 2011 : Landlord & Tenant

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Subscribers to this range are invited to use four new Tenancy Agreement forms which Oyez has drafted for use by landlords and their tenants.

AGREE4 is a tenancy agreement to let a garage to a third party.

AGREE5 is a licence agreement where the owner of a property allows a motorist to park their vehicle across the owner’s premises.

AGREE6 is a form which a resident landlord can use to let out rooms in his or her home to a tenant whilst the landlord still lives in the property.

AGREE7 is a form which a landlord can use to let property to a student.

In addition, Oyez has added a series of optional tenant clauses in ATC which users can Copy and Paste into tenancy clauses (AGREE1-20). Use of these clauses is entirely optional and they have only been published in response to requests from Oyez customers.

These forms can be used immediately.

On 7th February, the Agricultural Credits Department is moving to new premises in Plymouth. The Land Registry has amended the address panel on AC6 to refer to this new office address for the Agricultural Credits Department.

Although the Land Registry will continue to accept applications submitted on the current edition of AC6 until 8th April, practitioners are advised to use the latest version of AC6 for applications made on or after 7th February.

Finally, HA21A has received a minor field amendment and is available for your immediate use.

Forms affected

HA21A Assured Shorthold Tenancy: Notice Requiring Possession: Periodic Tenancy (s.21(4)(a)) New/Amended
AC6 Application for an Official Search - Agricultural Credits Act 1928 New/Amended
AGREE4 Agreement for Letting Garage Premises New/Amended
AGREE5 Licence Agreement for permission to occupy an exterior car parking space New/Amended
AGREE6 Tenancy Agreement for a resident landlord New/Amended
AGREE7 Tenancy Agreement for a student letting on an assured shorthold tenancy New/Amended
ATC Tenancy Agreement - Additional Tenant Clauses ¬FormMessage ¬"It is the responsibility of the landlord to consider whether each term is a fair one to include in their particular case.¬" New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.