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EFIS 12, March 2009 : Conveyancing

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The Home Information Pack (Amendment) (No.3) Regulations 2008 amend the Home Information Pack (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2007 with regard to additional forms to be included in a home information pack from 6th April.

Regulation 9 of the Home Information Pack (Amendment) (No.3) Regulations 2008 adds a property information questionnaire to the home information pack, as a required document.

Regulation 12 of these 2008 Regulations requires property information questionnaires to be included as the second document in a home information pack, where the first point of marketing is on or after 6th April 2009.

HIP5 is the Community and Local Government’s version of a property information questionnaire and HIP6 is a property information questionnaire for newly built homes.

HIP5 and HIP6 can be used on a voluntary basis before 6th April but will become obligatory from 6th April onwards.

As a result of these changes, the Government’s Home Use Form will become redundant and so HIP3 has been withdrawn from your range and should not be used on or after 6th April.

Finally, we have made some minor field amendments (Fields resized to accommodate Practice details) to the Land Registry forms listed in this update.

All forms can be used immediately.

If you are not using Active Library, you will need to manually delete some forms. For deletion instructions, click here

Forms affected

HIP3 Home use form Withdrawn
LRADV2 Application to be registered as a person to be notified of an application for adverse possession New/Amended
LRTP1-Flexi Transfer of Part of Registered Title(s) New/Amended
LRCIT Application in connection with court proceedings, insolvency and tax liability New/Amended
LRDB Application to determine the exact line of a boundary New/Amended
LREX1 Application for the registrar to designate a document as an exempt information document New/Amended
LRPIC Application for a personal inspection under section 66 of the Land Registration Act 2002 New/Amended
LROS2 Application by purchaser for official search with priority of part of the land in a registered title or a pending first registration application New/Amended
LROC1 Application for official copies of register/plan or certificate in Form CI New/Amended
LRRX1 Application to enter a restriction New/Amended
LRRX2 Application for an order that a restriction be disapplied or modified New/Amended
LRRX3 Application to cancel a restriction New/Amended
LRRX4 Application to withdraw a restriction New/Amended
LRSIF Application for an official search of the index of registered relating franchises and manors New/Amended
LRUN2 Application to remove a unilateral notice New/Amended
LRDS2-Flexi Application to cancel entries relating to a registered charge New/Amended
LRDS2E Application to cancel entries relating to a registered charge New/Amended
LRACD Application for approval of a standard form of charge deed and allocation of official Land Registry reference New/Amended
LRRD1 Request for the return of original document(s) New/Amended
LRAP1-Flexi Application to change the register New/Amended
LRCT1-Flexi Caution against First Registration New/Amended
LRHR1 Application for registration of a notice of home rights New/Amended
LRHR2 Application for renewal of registration in respect of home rights New/Amended
LRHR3 Application by mortgagee for official search in respect of home rights New/Amended
LRHR4 Cancellation of a home rights notice New/Amended
LRFR1-Flexi First Registration Application New/Amended
LRSEV Application to enter Form A restriction on severance of joint tenancy by agreement or notice New/Amended
LRWCT-Flexi Application to Withdraw a Caution Against Dealings or First Registration New/Amended
HIP5 Property Information Questionnaire New/Amended
HIP6 Property Information Questionnaire (New Homes) New/Amended
LRCN1 Application to cancel a notice (other than a unilateral notice) New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.