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EFIS 1, January 2008 : Intellectual Property

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The new Patents Rules 2007 came into force on 17th December 2007.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has amended the forms listed to take account of these new Rules.

We have added SP1, SP2, SP3 and SP4 to your range. SP4 is a new form for a paediatric extension in accordance with a European Commission Regulation (EU No. 1901/2006) which was originally published on 27th December 2006.

This EC Regulation will allow a supplementary protection certificate (SPC) holder or applicant to extend the SPC team by 6 months if the applicant can show that he or she has complied with a “paediatric investigation plan” concerning use of the medicinal product.

Because the fee of Ł40 is no longer payable, form PF11_77 has been abolished. Also form PF53_77 has become obsolete.

Finally, we advise practitioners to remove forms PF1_77, PF7_77, PF9_77, PF9A_77, PF10_77, PF12_77, PF23_77, PF52_77 and PF54_77 and use the new versions listed instead.

All forms can be used immediately.

This EFIS requires deletions. For deletion instructions, click here

Forms affected

PF1_77 Request for grant of a patent Withdrawn
PF7_77 Statement of inventorship and of right to grant of a patent Withdrawn
PF9_77 Request for a preliminary examination and search Withdrawn
PF9A_77 Request for search Withdrawn
PF10_77 Request for a substantive examination Withdrawn
PF11_77 Request to make an amendment or correction Withdrawn
PF12_77 Payment of renewal fee (and additional fee for late payment) Withdrawn
PF23_77 Request for a certificate of the Comptroller or a certified or uncertified copy from a file or the register Withdrawn
PF52_77 Request to extend a prescribed time limit Withdrawn
PF53_77 Payment of an additional fee for the restoration of a patent or for a discretionary extension of time or period Withdrawn
PF54_77 Filing a translation in connection with a European patent or a European patent application Withdrawn
NP1 National Processing of an International Application for a Patent (UK) New/Amended
AF1 Application Fee for Patent Application New/Amended
SP1 Application for Grant of a Supplementary Protection Certificate New/Amended
SP2 Payment of Annual Fees (and Additional Fee for Late Payment) New/Amended
SP3 Application for Declaration of Lapse or Invalidity, or to Revoke an Extension of the Duration of a Supplementary Protection Certificate. New/Amended
SP4 Application for Grant of an Extension to a Supplementary Protection Certificate New/Amended
PF1 Request for Grant of a Patent New/Amended
PF7 Statement of Inventorship and of Right to Grant of a Patent New/Amended
PF9 Request for a Preliminary Examination and Search New/Amended
PF9A Request for Search New/Amended
PF10 Request for a Substantive Examination New/Amended
PF12 Payment of Renewal Fee (and Additional Fee for Late Payment) New/Amended
PF23 Request for a Certificate of the Comptroller or a Certified or Uncertified Copy from a File or the Register New/Amended
PF52 Request to Extend a Prescribed Time Limit New/Amended
PF54 Filing a Translation in Connection with a European Patent or a European Patent Application New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.