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EFIS 1, January 2007 : Scottish Conveyancing

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The Registers of Scotland have introduced new Agency Application Forms which will be valid from 22nd January 2007, as a result of the Land Registration (Scotland) Rules 2006. These forms can be used immediately.

The changes to required forms are because the Agency is introducing Optical Charter Recognition (OCR) scanning technology which will scan application forms.

The forms SCFORM8, SCF10P16 and SCF12P17 are now obsolete and should be deleted from your system.

Please Note: Before submitting these forms ensure the barcodes are present, top right corner on each page.
If NOT present, please contact Support on Tel: 020 7556 3201.

This EFIS requires deletions. For deletion instructions, click here

Forms affected

SCF10P16 Form 10 and Form P16 Combined Withdrawn
SCF12P17 Form 12 and Form P17 Combined. Withdrawn
SCFORM8 Application for Land or Charge Certificate to be made to Correspond with the Title Sheet Withdrawn
SAF Application for recording in the register of sasines including continuation sheet New/Amended
C&S1 Application for Recording in the Register of Deeds in the Books of Council and Session New/Amended
SCFORMP16 Application to compare a bounding description with the O.S. map New/Amended
SCFORMP17 Application to compare boundaries on title plan with the O.S. Map New/Amended
SCFORM1 Application for first registration including continuation sheet New/Amended
SCFORM2 Application for registration of a dealing including continuation sheet New/Amended
SCFORM3 Application for registration of a transfer of part including continuation sheet New/Amended
SCFORM4 Inventory of writs relevant to application for registration including continuation sheet New/Amended
SCFORM5 Application for noting or entering on the register New/Amended
SCFORM9 Application for rectification of the register New/Amended
SCFORM10 Application for a report prior to registration of the subjects described below New/Amended
SCFORM11 Application for continuation of report prior to the registration of the subjects below New/Amended
SCFORM12 Application for a report over registered subjects New/Amended
SCFORM13 Application for continuation of report over registrered subjects New/Amended
SCFORM14 Application for a report to ascertain whether or not subjects have been registered New/Amended
SCFORM15 Application for an office copy New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.