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iManage Work 10 - Native Client

Sept 2018: This is a beta product.

Oyez have developed an iManage Work 10 (beta stage) client for OyezForms. It supports opening and saving(as) directly into the Work 10 cloud environment via REST/http. Users will be prompted to authenticate their account in the standard manner on first action.

First ever form save will trigger the "save into iManage" dialogue. All other saves events update the local working copy of the form. When the form is closed, the "save into iManage" dialogue is again displayed.

Oyez use the iManage SDK for Third-party Standalone Applications to produce all browsing experiences.


  1. Install the OyezForms_IM_Work10.msi on all PCs that have OyezForms installed. In time, this code will be assimilated into the standard OyezForms install.
  2. Paste this application-level macro via ADMIN>MACROS. (see application-level macros). You can split the macro path in order to create a trial group of users.

Known Issues

8th Jan 2019

  1. Oyez are currently analysing the iManage REST api to give users control over doc version upon save. Estimate Jan delivery for this feature.
  2. This solution requires tracking values to be stored in the OyezForms file format. Historically saved forms will not have these values present and will require manual check-in treatment. Oyez are analysing a batch process to update all files with tracking values.
  3. If a user does not login to iManage when prompted, or if they do not dismiss the login dialogue promptly, Windows will produce a COM-interface time out message with 'Switch To ...' message. This can result in the application process hanging. Oyez are liaising with iManage.


You can feedback into the development process by calling support on 03300 602 102 opt 1