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Integrating OyezForms with NetDocuments

Feb 2018: This is a beta product.

Oyez have developed a Net Documents (beta stage) client for OyezForms. It supports opening and saving(as) into the NetDocs environment. Users authenticate their account in the standard manner.


1. The ndOffice layer:

This installable integration environment is developed and supported by Net Documents and can be downloaded from the above site. It is the foundation for MSOFfice integration and will be installed for most ND users. Oyez have tested against v2.0 of ndOffice.

2. Version v11.02A+ of OyezForms. This is to allow the main program to pass its windows handle to the NetDocs client dialogue and so ensure it is not hidden in the z-order.

Configuring OyezForms to communicate with NetDocuments

Integration is enabled via an OyezForms application-level macro, which can be found here: (current version 20170413.0 - ensure you hit F5 to refresh in browser).

If you wish to test integration with a pilot group of users, they can divert their path to application macros in TOOLS>OPTIONS>MACRO.

You can enforce saving into ND by editing the value of two constants at the top of the script.


You can feedback into the development process by calling support on 03300 602 102 opt 1.