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EFIS 33, April 2011 : Immigration - Applications

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On 28th February, the Minister of State for Immigration announced the Government’s intention to increase the fees payable for immigration and nationality applications submitted to the UK Border Agency.

The Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Order 2011 and the Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Regulations 2011 came into force on 6th April.

Details of the new fees payable from 6th April were attached to the Minister of State’s announcement on 28th February which can be viewed on the UK Border Agency’s website at

The UK Border Agency has confirmed that the following Immigration forms have been amended to reflect these increased fees: FLR(BID), FLR(BUS), FLR(M), FLR(O), NTL, SET(BUS), SET(DV), SET(F), SET(M), SET(O), TIER1(GENERAL), TIER1(POST_STUDY), TIER4(C), TIER4(G) and TOC.

Until we can supply you with these forms, immigration practitioners should check which fees are payable on or after 6th April and submit the correct payment to the UK Border Agency.

On 29th March, the Government announced its intention to abolish the “Certificate of Approval” Scheme on 9th May, which is subject to Parliamentary approval. If this scheme is abolished, the COA form should not be used after 9th May.

Forms affected

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